My Complete Portugal, Slovakia, and Hungary Spending Breakdown

Travelling in Europe turned out to be more expensive than I anticipated. Sometimes, when you’re making a purchase in Euros, it appears that you are not spending that much. However, after you see the conversation rate from your credit card, you’ll learn that you spent more money than you’d like. At least I felt that way after looking at my Slovakia and Hungary spending.

Complete 1 day Portugal spending breakdown

  • Money change – $3.74 CAD (2.50 Euros)
  • Water – $1.87 CAD (1.25 Euros)
  • Aerobus Ticket – $5.99 CAD (4 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Portugal spending: $11.60 CAD (7.75 Euros)

Portugal was my first stop in Europe and gave me a good introduction to what European cities would typically look like. Because I didn’t stay overnight in Portugal, my spending was considerably less. Nonetheless, Portugal appears to be a cheap country to visit for those who are budget conscious.


hungary spending


Complete 1 day Slovakia spending breakdown

  • Food – $13.47 CAD (9 Euros)
  • Hostel One – $26.95 CAD (18 Euros)
  • Bus from Budapest to Bratislava – $13.32 CAD (8.90 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Slovakia spending: $53.74 (35.90 Euros)

Total Slovakia spending without the bus ride: $40.42 CAD (27 Euros)

Slovakia turned out to be more expensive than I thought. It’s thanks to the Euro currency they use and the price of the hostel I was staying at. However, if you cook your own food, their prices are quite affordable.


hungary spending


Complete 2 day Hungary spending breakdown

  • Avenue Hostel – $36.40 CAD (7,399.68 HUF)
  • Food – $15.02 CAD (3,054 HUF)
  • Flexi Bus from Krakow to Budapest $16.47 CAD (3347.57 HUF or 11 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Hungary spending: $67.89 CAD (13,802.02 HUF)

Total Hungary spending without the bus ride: $51.42 CAD (10,453.67 HUF)

Average daily Hungary spending: $33.95 CAD (6,902.03 HUF)

Average daily Hungary spending without the bus ride: $25.71 CAD (5,226.84 HUF)


hungary spending


I was actually in Hungary for 3 days but left to take the bus to Slovakia on the 3rd day. Budapest has surprisingly expensive accommodation. I did some couch surfing at my friend’s airbnb rental to cut the cost down. Food seems cheap in this city but definitely beware of the many tourist traps present.

I had a good time visiting these three countries. Thankfully, my Portugal, Slovakia, and Hungary spending is not too bad overall.

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2 thoughts on “My Complete Portugal, Slovakia, and Hungary Spending Breakdown”

  1. You’ve hardly spent any time in these places, how can you even write such a post? You have no idea! You cannot average costs based on a day spent here and there!

    1. Yeah, I was just passing by Slovakia and Portugal. I was in Budapest for three days so you can definitely use that to get an average per day spent. 🙂

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