Why Lisbon Portugal is the Perfect Place to Have a Flight Layover

Are you planning on travelling to Europe? If so, then you’d want to consider having a flight layover at Lisbon! Why? It is because the Lisbon international airport is one of the few airports in the world where it is very easy to access the central part of the city!

So if you have 5-8 hours layover in Lisbon, it wouldn’t be difficult at all to take a bus that goes around the city. By taking the bus, you can hit major must-see sights around the city.




Which bus should you take to get around Lisbon?

The easiest way to do it is by taking the Aerobus located just outside the airport. I paid 4 Euros for a full day ticket that would allow me to go around the city. The Aerobus also goes back to the airport which makes getting around hassle free. This allowed me to do my own walking city tour without fear that I will miss my connecting flight.



What about your luggages?

If you’re carrying all your stuff with you, then you’ll need to store your stuff using the baggage storage in the airport. Looking online, the prices seem to be the following:

Fees (per piece and per day)  

  • up to 10 Kg 2,90€
  • from 10 to 30 kg 4,30€
  • more than 30 Kg 8,60€

I personally did not do this simply because I was on a connecting flight and I already checked in my bags.




What to see during your Lisbon layover self-administered walking tour?

The most impressive sight in the city is probably the São Jorge Castle. However, it doesn’t open until 9am so make sure you have time to see it if you have an early morning layover. (I had this problem and was unable to enter)

You can also see the Lisbon Cathedral which is quite iconic in the city and located close to the São Jorge Castle.



What I personally did is I took the Aerobus to the city centre and made my way to the São Jorge Castle and the Lisbon Cathedral. From there, I walked to Arco Triunfal da Rua Augusta, Praca Marques do Pombal, King Joao I Statue and, Rossio Square. Obviously, I barely scratched the surface but at least I got a preview of what Lisbon has to offer.





If you have a much longer layover, I highly recommend checking out the Quinta da Regaleira. If I ever go back to Portugal then the Quinta da Regaleira is what I look forward to visiting.

How to get a layover in Lisbon

You normally have to fly using TAP Portugal to get that layover in Lisbon. I personally used my frequent flyer miles (Aeroplan) and booked a flight from Rio de Janeiro Brazil flying to Warsaw, Poland and had a 9-hour layover in Lisbon, and a 3-hour layover in Zurich, Switzerland.

The good thing about having layovers in Europe is you only have to pass through immigration once. From there, you can easily enter the airports like a revolving door without having to get your passport stamped again.

Have a fun trip in Europe and don’t forget to get a layover when you pass by Portugal!

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