My Goal

My goal is to visit all 193 UN recognized countries and provide you with my personal adventure stories and travel destination information from all the countries in the world. Finally, I want to find countries that would be a great place to live long term. So if you’re an aspiring digital nomad or you simply want to live abroad, I’m going find those countries that that I think would make great for international living and back it up with information, stats, and facts to help you with deciding with countries to visit or live in long term.

Where I Have Been?

Below is a map of all the countries and travel destinations I have visited so far.

Blue = Countries I visited during my first one year around the world trip.

Red = Countries I have already been in but also visited (or was my starting point – Canada) during my first one year around the world trip.

Yellow = Countries I visited before my first one year around the world trip.

Purple = Countries I visited outside my long term around the world trip.

Right below the map you will see all the blog post written about the different countries around the world.

, Travel Destinations and Stats
World Map

Countries Visited

Observer Countries Visited

Flights Taken

Airports Visited

Continents Visited

New Wonders Of The World Visited

New Wonders of Nature Visited

International Travel Days

Progress Visiting All 193 UN Recognized Nations

  • North America – 5/23
  • South America – 9/12
  • Europe – 44/45
  • Africa – 13/54

  • Asia – 13/45
  • Oceania – 4/14


Some of my craziest and most memorable experiences