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My Mission

My mission is to create the ultimate Canadian around the world travel resource with a heavy emphasis on points and miles, country collecting, and adventure travel. If you are a travel lover and freedom seeking Canadian, my goal is to help you go on your dream trip and have the freedom to live the kind of travel lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

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Table of Contents

Popular Articles

Here are some of the most popular articles in Travel and Live Free. Some of them are controversial, some are useful travel tips and some are entertaining.
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Journey to Visit All The Countries in the World

Want to travel around the world as a Canadian? Whether you want to travel long term or a 2-3 week vacation, we have the resource to help you make it happen.
Follow my journey to visit every single country in the world in a chronological order

Points and Miles

The single best way to make flying and staying in hotels cheaper is through earning points and miles. By collecting frequent flyer miles, you can fly to your favourite destinations for 1/10th the price!
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Living Abroad

Are you an aspiring Digital Nomad or maybe you just want to live abroad for the next few years? In this section, you’ll be able to read articles on places where I lived like a local. I did my best to describe what life is like in these areas and a general idea of the cost and amenities available.
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Travel Stats and Spending Breakdowns

Often times, you’re not sure how much money to budget for specific travel destinations. In this section, I recorded all my travel expenses. Be aware that some articles are more detailed than others. I also recorded specific travel stats for those of you who love numbers.
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How to Travel Guides

While travelling, you’ll encounter times when you wish you had a step by step travel guide on how to approach your travel destination. Through my own personal travel experience, I can provide many how to guides for you to help make travelling easier for you!
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Travel Journal

Read about my adventures travelling from one country to the next. My travel journal is 100% raw. I don’t filter anything. It’s my personal diary of my journey around the world!
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Adventure Travel Stories

Some of my craziest travel stories are here. I’ve been to many countries that are both sketchy and not sketchy. Regardless, bad things can happen anywhere. And often times, those bad things make the best travel stories!
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Events and Meetups

In this section, you can see upcoming free and paid events and meetups that I run in Canada.
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Travel and Live Free Videos

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380 Days of Travel Around the World

My best travel experience so far was travelling around the world travel for 380 days. During that time, I visited 6 continents and 75 countries and met some amazing people from all corners of the Earth. Check out the video, and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more travel adventures, travel tips and strategies!