DSCN0666Hi there, my name is Kendrick. I live in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I love traveling but have always thought it was too expensive and would require several months of saving up just to go anywhere.

That’s when a friend introduced the concept of points and miles to me. I learned that through several loopholes available, anyone can travel really cheap.

I’m not going to lie. The travel strategies in this blog requires effort. But the effort will be time well spent. Instead of saving up 40 hours worth of wages to afford travel, you can simply spend 30-90 minutes of your time utilizing the strategies I share in this blog.

I will also cover how to fast track earning hotel elite status and save money on accommodations.

Besides points and miles, I will also provide travel guides and insights as I journey around the world. One of my dream is to be able to escape the 9 to 5 lifestyle and be able to travel the world while making income through online sources. As I crack the code to living the location independent lifestyle, I will be sharing my strategies, guides and insights to you, the readers in hopes that you, too, will be able to live a life of travel and freedom.

Come join me as we embark, explore and experience what the world has to offer.

Feel free to email me at kendricktravels@gmail.com if you have any questions, requests, suggestions or comments. I try and reply to everyone; though, please be patient because it can take several days for me to get back to you.

Talk to you soon!


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  1. THANKS KENDRICK for being so prompt in getting back to me after the presentation last nite/Mon. 23rd of May.

    I had a couple of ?s.
    1) you tips for travel to Victoria July 2nd or 3rd- to -9th or 10th
    [ I am going to a retreat near Duncan, BC. ]

    2) Same for Vegas in Jan. from 10th or 11th TO 15th or 16th.
    [ I want to go to the curling championships held 11th to 14th of Jan. 2017. ]

    1. Hi Karen,

      If you plan on going to Victoria, I’d recommend getting the CIBC Business Aventura VISA: https://www.cibc.com/ca/small-business/credit-cards/aventura-visa-card-for-bus.html

      You’ll get 25,000 miles which you can use to book a flight to Victoria on those dates that you want.

      You can also do something similar with your trip to Las Vegas. There is a promotion right now where you can get the CIBC Aventura VISA personal VISA card and get 15,000 points plus no annual fee for the first year. If you combine your points from the Personal and Business CIBC Aventura VISA card, you should have enough to get you to Las Vegas for cheap from Calgary.

      I hope that helps. 🙂

  2. Hi thank you for your YouTube videos..
    I just had question regarding the aeroplane.. Can I use my points to book flight for family member ?

    1. Hi Kaji, yes you can definitely use your points to book for your family members. Just enter their name instead of yours after you pick your travel destinations.

    1. Hi Chris, you’ve been added to the email list. You just need to confirm your subscription to the blog. The notification may have been sent to your junk box. Please let me know if you can’t find it.

    1. Hi Gary, I added you to the email list, please confirm once you get the notification by email. Thanks for subscribing!

  3. Hi Kendrick,
    I was wondering if you can tell me where to find the videos for that course that you were at in Vancouver I believe it was. I started watching it on a facebook post but can’t seem to find it now. I hope you know what I am talking about! Lol! Thank you for all that you share to all of us fellow travellers!

    Thank you

    1. Hi Marlene,

      What course was I teaching? I did several travel hacking courses in Vancouver, I think I have some old ones I can dig up and put up on YouTube…

  4. This blog is one the best i have seen.. to the point and no bull shit… thank you so much for sharing 🙂

    1. Hi Vinod, glad you like it! Just like you, I’m not interested in bullshit, just authenticity and straight to the point. 🙂

  5. Question, do the relocation company give you a hard time returning the security deposit for the camper van after the rental ?
    Thanks, Paul

    1. Hi Paul, I haven’t booked any camper vans yet, personally, but my friend has done so through imoova and they didn’t give him a hard time. I think it’s one of those things where your experience may vary from other people. Keep in mind, there are different companies on the imoova website so they’ll each have different policies and approaches to customer service. The best thing you can do is when trying to book those camper vans, is that you read reviews online for each of the different companies.

  6. Thanks for the quick reply.
    On another note, your very interesting 380 Days Around the World Spending Breakdown and Logistic. I don’t know how you did it? Did you planned and booked all your flights, accommodation in advance and not to mention how you tracked all the expenses. I am having a hell of a time try to plan my fall 2019, 6 months trip to SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile and Argentina
    Anyways Kendrick, I am glad I came across your site and I find it very helpful and informative.

    1. Hello Paul, thank you for the compliment. I’m happy to hear you find the website helpful and informative.

      Which country are you from, Paul? My next article is geared towards Canadians and you might find it useful when it comes to booking your around the world trip to SE Asia, Australia, South Africa, and South America if you live in Canada. If not, I have some other tips for you.

      To answer your questions:

      Did you planned and booked all your flights, accommodation in advance

      I booked my accommodation for the first seven days of my trip. Afterwards, I played it by ear. I did have a general game plan I wanted to follow before travelling and I knew where I wanted to go. I just didn’t want to have any concrete plan for the entire duration of my trip because things always change. For example, If I really liked a country or city, then I want to stay longer. However, if I hated it or wasn’t feeling it, then I want to leave as soon as possible.

      What I recommend for you to do is write down all the countries you want to visit and places you want to see. Don’t forget to write down what you want to do (activities, volunteer work, etc…) Ideally, you want to spend time doing things you like, not because you’re suppose to do it because you’re in those countries.

      I personally enjoy seeing world wonders and talking to locals so I focused my time doing those two. I didn’t care so much for activities like biking, kayaking, or checking out markets so I did very little of it.

      not to mention how you tracked all the expenses

      When it comes to tracking all my expenses, I just typed it in my cell phone every time I spent my money. I literally used a notepad app and just typed in how much I spent per country in their local currency. I converted it to Canadian later on.

      However, looking in hindsight, there’s an app called Tricount which is excellent for tracking your expenses as you travel.

      Oh and since you’re going to Argentina, bring lots of US Dollars. One of my friends who went there traded her US Dollars in the black market (your accommodation can help you with this) and got massive amounts of Argentinian Pesos in return.

      I hope that helps. Let me know if you have anymore questions or need clarification.

      1. I am from Toronto and having a lot of fun doing travel hacking for past couple of years. And yes, I heard about Argentinian likes new US 100-dollar bill.
        Got to use up my Aeroplan before 2020, I was think using my Aeroplan to book mini RTW and make Perth as my final destination to maximized the MPM. As for flying around Asia, Oceania and South America I will be using combination of cash, Alaska Mile and BA Avios.
        Question here. Soon I be converting my Amex MR points > SPG > Marriott + Air package 1: Cat: 1-5, 7 nights + 120000 miles. Debating where to credit the miles to one of my favorite frequent flyer program, Avios, Alaska or Aeroplan? Sadly, Aeroplan coming to an end.
        Thanks for your advice and great YouTube videos, did you use go pro?

        1. Great to hear you are travel hacking like crazy. That makes a huge difference when you go on your around the world travel.

          First, I don’t think you should be paranoid to burn all your Aeroplan miles before 2020. I know a lot of people in the travel hacking community are recommending you burn them all in 2019, but I disagree completely. After speaking with a friend who works for Aeroplan, I would recommend you do your final Aeroplan mini-RTW sometime in May 2020 just to really maximize the Aeroplan program before the change. This will give you roughly 2-3 Aeroplan mini-RTW before the potential big change. And Air Canada will still honour the booking even if it goes through 2021.

          Second, I would recommend going with Alaska miles just because it takes longer to earn them in Canada versus Aeroplan which is easily obtained. 120,000 Alaska Miles is pretty sweet, you can do the Cathay Pacific first class going from North America to Hong Kong (stop there for a few weeks to explore Southeast Asia) then continue on to Johannesburg on Business Class. It also gives you more flexibility in terms of flight redemption. During my 380 days of travel, I found that sometimes, I wasn’t able to find anything on Aeroplan or British Airways Avios and having Alaska Miles really saved my ass.

          If you choose not to go with Alaska, then I would definitely pick Aeroplan, especially since British Airways Avios has announced change to their program sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018.

          I used GoPro Hero 4 a lot during my travels. Best decision I ever made for taking pictures and videos. My 380 Days of Travel Around the World music video was filmed using GoPro Hero 4 and Canon G7X. I just sold my Hero 4 and looking to upgrade to Hero 6 soon; but I would have to say that Hero 4 was an amazing investment between 2015-2017.

          Happy to help and don’t hesitate to ask more questions.

  7. Thanks for the heads up with Aeroplan, it was always my first choice and Alaska Second. Finding award in first class on Cathay for 2 is tough but I am looking forward flying first class on Emirates, LAX-DXB-MXP-DXB-LAX. All thanks to zoqfotpik on FlyerTalk for the cheap fare.
    I have been reading up quite a bit on your website, liked your writing style, short and to the point. Sorry about your fiasco in Namibia, this is one of my bucket list item. It’s a good thing I know how to drive a standard however it would be good to share expenses since renting a car is expensive in Namibia.
    Lots of good info for my future trip but driving at night and Coffee Bay will not be on my itinerary. I am just glad you guys are ok and I can read about it here.

    1. Hi Paul, I’m glad you are liking my direct writing style. Forgive the bad grammar at times, I don’t spend that much time editing. haha.

      The Emirates first class sounds great; though, it’s double the amount of mileage you need nowadays because of the changes that’s why I didn’t redeem on that carrier.

      Namibia…to be honest, it’s one of those places I would have been happier if I had joined a tour. Sometimes, it’s not worth saving money to get a headache driving in such terrible road conditions. It’s a beautiful country and I would focus on enjoying it instead of penny pinching. That’s what I would do if I can redo my trip to Namibia.

      And yeah, avoid Coffee Bay, it’s not worth the effort! I plan on doing this road trip again one day because it was my #1 most memorable experience during my one year trip. I would spend more time in the Garden Route and Kruger National Park. South Africa is freaking amazing, I look forward to hearing about your trip there once you get a chance to explore it yourself. I love that place!

  8. WOW! This site is amazing! Never have I ever seen such a brilliant and thought out plan on how to travel hack, goodness.
    One question, I’m trying to apply for the AMEX Gold using the AMEXPERK14 but it doesn’t work. Is the 14 representing the year and I need to instead input 18 to get the $150 credit?

    1. Yes, that’s right, they recently changed it but it just corresponds with the year so just change it to 18. Thanks for the compliment, glad you are enjoying the information. 🙂

      1. I also realized in your post of: How to Earn 318,750 Aeroplan Miles or More in One Year (2018)

        Total annual fee paid if you get all the card – $1,138 (roughly the cost of one round-trip international flight)

        It’s partly ideal and partly not in terms of the cost of $1138. Need to maybe remind others that certain cards (ie AMEX Gold Rewards/SPG Rewards) that you must spend a minimum on these cards to get the rewards. Also SPG Rewards of 20,000 is no longer part of the promotion – which is a bummer because I was about to sign up for it. Now it’s $100 credit back for spending $1500 in the first three months.

        1. Yes, I will have to either update that article or write a more updated version after August 1st when Marriott and the SPG program officially merges.

          The $1,138 is quite a lot, you are right. But if people are going to use the points to book an Aeroplan mini-RTW, then the value is still great.

          I kind of leave it up to people which cards they want to get. I’ve personally gotten all the cards on the list so it’s not like I am recommending anything I haven’t done myself. 🙂

          1. Quick question of the AMEXGold Rewards, is it $1500 spend, or $500? I can only see on their site $1500, not $500.

          2. Thanks!

            You know the posting https://kendrickuy.com/2018/03/04/aeroplan-miles/

            And how you mentioned that you guys bought those Vanilla Cards. What do you mean that you guys got the money out?
            I was thinking of purchasing (with my new AMEX with the bonus) Petro Canada GC and PC GCs from Shoppers Drug Mart. I guess these are options too, especially the PC Gift Cards since I’ll be doing groceries but that’ll take me 6 months to finish. What about the Vanilla Cards (Visa/MC) can you do to get the moneys out of them without being penalized?

          3. Hi Stephen,

            We were newbies and didn’t understand how the Vanilla Cards worked so it was a pain in the ass to use. We didn’t realize that in order to get the money out of Vanilla Cards, we needed to wait until they mailed us a different card after activating the one we bought at 7-11. Because my girlfriend and myself has had a bad experience with it, we refuse to use it again. However, there are many people out there, bloggers include, that still use them. Use it at your own discretion.

            There’s no penalty to get the money out of my vanilla, just an activation fee from what I remember…

  9. I dig this blog and have found so many helpful resources from your information .

    Keep posting so I can continually learn and save more money.

    From the Bay Area


  10. Can I apply for multiple tourist entry visa for Vietnam? An d do you have a direct link to apply online.

  11. can you give me the code for the the perkopolis Amex gold card offer. Please and THX

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