Bratislava – What is it Like in the Slovakian Capital City?

If you plan on travelling by land through Europe then you might want to consider doing an overnight stopover to explore the city of Bratislava.

One good reason to stop by Bratislava is because it is significantly cheaper than it’s neighbouring city of Vienna. You could save tons of money staying overnight in Bratislava versus staying overnight in Vienna. If you didn’t know, Vienna and Bratislava is literally one hour away from each other.

Don’t worry, it’s not like the movie “the Hostel”. No one is going to come and kill you if you sleep in a hostel in Slovakia. Actually, you are quite safe so don’t worry.

City walking in Bratislava

To be honest, despite being the biggest city in Slovakia, Bratislava is actually quite a small capital city. You can fully explore the old city centre within a day (which is what I did).

The biggest tourist attraction seems to be the castle that sits up top the city. At the castle, you can get a very nice view of the city along with the river. The castle also has a nice garden that you can walk through.







I stayed in a hostel near the castle and made friends with an Austrian fellow who became my friend for my time in the Slovakian capital city.




After exploring the castle, we ventured off to the city centre to get some food and took pictures of local attractions. Some of which are just random weird statues all over the city.






Closing thoughts

One thing I really like about Europe and also don’t like about this continent is the fact that they have really beautiful architecture. However, after seeing a few of them, you start to think that they all look the same.

I still remember when I first landed in Europe and explored Lisbon, I thought it was incredibly beautiful. Now, after exploring Bratislava, I do think it’s beautiful but also think it kind of looks like Lisbon and Wroclaw merged together…

On the bright side, Bratislava is an extremely safe place to visit so you’ll definitely feel at ease as you engage in city exploration.

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