My Complete Belgium, Spain, Andorra, and France Spending Breakdown

Travelling to Belgium, Spain, Andorra, and France was quite hectic because this is when I started “collecting” countries. This meant that I am travelling faster as oppose to staying put in one place to “get to know it better”. Regardless, my main goal when I travelled to Europe was to visit as many countries as possible and I stuck to the plan despite it being on the exhausting site.

As a result of travelling faster, my spending does become higher because I have to take more metros, trains, and buses between cities and countries.

Overall, I learned which places I really like and will return to one day and which places that were nice to visit once but I will most likely never return to again.




Complete 1 day Belgium spending breakdown

  • Food – $12.31 CAD (8.35 Euros)
  • Youth Hostel Europa – $33.92 CAD (23 Euros)
  • Toilet – $0.74 CAD (0.50 Euros)
  • Walking City Tour Tip – $5.07 CAD (3.44 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Belgium spending: $52.04 CAD (35.29 Euros)




I was actually in Belgium for two days; however, if I combine my time spent in this city, it is roughly 24 hours. I basically just went here to see Bruges because I thought it looked nice on google images. And yes, the city is nice and I highly recommend it to those travelling to Belgium.

Complete 1 day Spain spending breakdown

  • Swiss Airlines flight from Zurich to Barcelona – $46.50 CAD (31.53 Euros) + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles
  • Feetup Hostel – $30 CAD (20.34 Euros)
  • Tourist Tax – $1.06 CAD (0.72 Euros)
  • Printing documents – $0.74 CAD (0.50 Euros)
  • Metro tickets – $6.34 CAD (4.30 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Spain spending: $84.64 CAD (57.40 Euros)

Total Spain spending without plane, train or bus ride: $38.14 CAD (25.86 Euros)

Points and miles spent: 15,000 Aeroplan Miles




I’m going to be completely honest and committed a terrible crime in Barcelona. I did not go see Sagrada Familia when I was here. Yes, I know it’s amazing and awesome and I have no excuse for not seeing it. I was definitely tired when I got to Barcelona and my priority was to go up and see Andorra. But, I think if I really toughed it out, I could have still seen this famous cathedral. The odds of me seeing it in the future is quite low because I am more interested in seeing other cities in Spain. Hopefully, some lucky turn of event will happen in the future and I’ll be able to see it. Perhaps when the construction is finally complete.

Complete 1 day Andorra spending breakdown

  • Bus from Barcelona to Andorra – $45.49 CAD (30.85 Euros)
  • Food – $8.77 CAD (5.95 Euros)

Grand total:

Total Andorra spending: $54.27 CAD (36.80 Euros)

Total Andorra spending without train or bus ride: $8.77 CAD (5.95 Euros)






I basically just went up to Andorra just to tick it off that I been there. Truthfully, I kind of liked Andorra and would consider returning here one day if I am ever in France again. While in Andorra, I walked around a bit and ate a burger and that was pretty much my trip in this tiny country between France and Spain.

Complete 6 days France spending breakdown

  • Best Western Hotel Crystal in Nancy France – $1.33 CAD (0.90 Euros) + 20,000 Best Western Points
  • Best Western Rennes Saint Antoine – 20,000 Best Western Points
  • Courtyard Marriott Toulouse Airport – 10,000 Marriott Hotel Points
  • Courtyard Paris La Defense West – Marriott Category 5 E-Certificate
  • Food – $82 CAD (55.61 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Toulous to Nice – $29.49 CAD (20 Euros)
  • Bus from Rennes to Mont Saint Michel – $44.24 CAD (30 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Rennes to Paris – $14.75 CAD (10 Euros)
  • Bus from Andorra to Toulouse – $53.09 CAD (36 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Paris to Nancy – $14.75 CAD (10 Euros)
  • Bus from Toulouse airport to Matabiao – $11.80 CAD (8 Euros)
  • Train reservation from Nice to Geneva – $44.24 CAD (30 Euros)
  • Paris Metro tickets – $13.57 CAD (9.20 Euros)
  • Hostel Villa Saint Exupery Beach – $33.40 CAD (22.65 Euros)

Grand total:

Total France spending: $342.64 CAD (232.36 Euros)

Total France spending without train and bus ride: $142.09 CAD (96.36 Euros)

Average daily France spending: $57.11 CAD (38.73 Euros)

Average daily France spending without train and bus ride: $23.68 CAD (16.06 Euros)

Total Points and miles spent: Marriott Category 5 E-Certificate, Best Western Points – 40,000, Marriott Hotel Points – 10,000,





France was one of those pleasant surprises during my time in Europe. Truthfully, I had zero interest in seeing France other than the famous Eiffel tower. Why? Because many people poisoned my mind and told me French people are jerks and won’t speak English. Is this true? Hell no. The French people has treated me with kindness and warmth and even INITIATED conversations with me in English. How did that happen? Well, I always said “Bonjour” to them when I first greet a French person. Afterwards, I just stand there frozen because that’s all the French I know. Then, they will look at me and say “Okay fine, we’ll speak English”.

Just try your best and if all you know is “Bonjour” then it’s honestly good enough for the French people and they’ll start speaking English to you. They love saying their English is not that good but I actually thought it was fine!

I really enjoyed my time in France and I will DEFINITELY return here again one day. I’d love to stay longer in Nice and see more of the other French cities. I even liked Paris and I usually hate big cities.

As far as spending goes, buying groceries in France is quite cheap. I usually bought sandwiches from the groceries to save money on eating out. I also redeemed a lot of my Marriott and Best Western points to offset the cost of paying for accommodation while in France. Building up those points over the past two years definitely paid off during my time in this country.

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