Is It Worth Stopping By Nancy France?

What’s in Nancy France and why is it worth going there?

To be honest, the main reason I went to Nancy France to begin with is because I wanted to go to Luxembourg. However, all accommodations were sold out in that country since I am travelling during peak season. My only choice is to book a place to stay that is quite close to Luxembourg and be able to do a quick day trip there before I head over to Belgium.

Thankfully, Nancy France is a neat little stop and perfect to check out for half a day.


Nancy France


What is there to see in Nancy France?

Located in the centre of the city is Place Stanislas which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Place Stanislas is a neat open area where people congregate and is a nice place to take pictures or grab a bite to eat. I took the time to take a short detour here when I decided to stop by Nancy before I head towards Luxembourg.

While I was in Place Stanislas, I took several photos which you can see below:


Nancy France

Nancy France

Nancy France



Is it worth visiting Nancy France? Well that depends on you. If you like small cities/towns and likes collecting UNESCO World Heritage Sites, then yes definitely do visit Nancy. If you plan on going to Luxembourg but want to cut your trip apart so you aren’t travelling so far or so fast then yes, doing an overnight stay in Nancy and doing some sight seeing is a great way to cut up your trip.

However, if the description above doesn’t fit you, then go ahead and skip this city.

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