Exploring Salto Sapo in the Canaima Lagoon Venezuela

The Salto Sapo is a waterfalls in the Canaima Lagoon that is located in the same national park as the famous Angel Falls.

After doing the tour of the world’s highest falls, the second part of your trip to Canaima National Park began: touring the Salto Sapo waterfalls. At first I wasn’t really thrilled to see these set of waterfalls curtain. I mean…I’ve already seen both Angel Falls and Iguazu Falls, how can I be impressed with Salto Sapo after those two?

Thankfully, I was wrong!

Start to finish in the Canaima Lagoon

The trip so the Canaima Lagoon started in our accommodation called Kavac. Our tour leader gathered us up and we walked towards the port area. There, we would board a boat to give us a 20 minute boat ride to see all three falls.


Canaima Lagoon


Upon boarding the boat, the tour operator took us around the falls. They made the ride more amusing by purposely taking sharp turns and getting us wet with the falls’ water splashes.


Canaima Lagoon


Eventually, we reached a docking point where we hike a little. After reaching our destination, the guide took us get a “behind the scenes” look at Salto Sapo and finally continuing on the swimming area.


Canaima Lagoon


The area where we are allowed to swim is quite tricky. Because the water current could potentially be dangerous, we had to cross the water by making a human chain link. Afterwards, we were free to swim where the current would have no chance of sweeping us away.


Canaima Lagoon

Canaima Lagoon

Canaima Lagoon


After swimming, we went to our final stop which is the biggest falls curtain in the area. We went behind the curtain to get splashed some more. Finally, we took our last few pictures before heading back to our accommodations.


Canaima Lagoon


If you’d like to see the Canaima Lagoon in Venezuela, don’t worry, it is usually included with the Angel Falls tour. Canaima Lagoon is the last area I visited in Venezuela before heading back to Santa Elena to exit this beautiful but dangerous country. It is definitely worth seeing the lagoon and was pleasantly surprised to have experience it.

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