Complete Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil Spending Breakdown

In this blog post, I will cover my complete Argentina, Venezuela, and Brazil spending breakdown. Truthfully, I spent too much money on my trip to Argentina and Brazil. It’s probably one of the worst financial decisions I made during my one year trip around the world.

However, at the time, I felt my decision was justified in order for me to see all the places I wanted to see. I’m glad I got to see Angel Falls and Mount Roraima and did so in a safe manner but I often wonder if there was a better way to approach traveling to these countries.


Brazil Spending


Complete 2 days Argentina spending breakdown

  • Canadian Tourist Fee – $109.28 CAD (1375.19 Argentine Pesos or $78 USD)
  • Flight from Bogota to Buenos Aires on LATAM Business Class – $115.73 CAD + 37,500 Avios Miles (1456.35 Argentine Pesos)
  • Bus from Puerto Iguazu airport to Peter Pan hostel – $9.54 CAD (120 Argentine Pesos)
  • Tourist tax – $1.99 CAD (25 Argentine Pesos)
  • Printing documents – $1.59 CAD (20 Argentine Pesos)
  • 1 night in Peter Pan Hostel – $19.87 (250 Argentine Pesos)
  • Taxi from Puerto Iguazu to Foz Iguazu Airport in Brazil – $31.79 (400 Argentine Pesos)
  • Entry fee to Argentina Iguazu Falls – $39.73 (500 Argentine Pesos)
  • ATM Fee – $15.62 (196.56 Argentine Pesos)
  • Food – $22.09 (278 Argentine Pesos)
  • Aerolineas Flight from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu – $339.56 CAD (4273.05 Argentine)

Grand total:

Total Argentina spending: $706.79 CAD (8,900.16 Argentine Pesos)

Total Argentina spending without flights: $251.50 CAD (3,166.98 Argentine Pesos)

Average daily Argentina spending: $353.40 CAD (4,450.14 Argentine Pesos)

Average daily Argentina spending without flights: $125.75 CAD (1,583.49 Argentine Pesos)

Total Points and Miles spent: 37,500 Avios Miles for a LATAM Business Class flight from Bogota to Buenos Aires

The biggest reason I spent so much money in Argentina was because I really needed to get a VISA to Brazil so I can cross over to Venezuela safely. In order for me to do that, I needed to get to Puerto Iguazu as fast as I can and the cost of speed of travel costed me a very hefty price. In the future, I will make sure to research VISA requirements ahead of time to prevent another costly mistake like my trip to Argentina.


Brazil Spending


Complete 12 days Venezuela spending breakdown

  • Mount Roraima and Venezuela tour package including: private transfer from Santa Elena to Ciudad Bolivar, private transfer from Porta Ordaz to Ciudad Bolivar, 2 night stay at a Posada in Santa Elena, 1 night stay at Posada Don Carlo in Ciudad Bolivar, 1 night stay at Waipa Hotel in Porta Ordaz, 1 night stay in Canaima, 1 night sleeping on hammocks, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, porters, round trip flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima on a small plane and pickup and drop off to and from the Brazil-Venezuela border – $1254.30 CAD ($962 USD or 2,886,000 Bolivares)
  • Park fee to Canaima – $6.52 CAD (15,000 Bolivares or $5 USD)
  • Airport tax in Ciudad Bolivar – $0.52 CAD (1,200 Bolivares or $.040 USD)
  • Food – $49.42 CAD (113,700 Bolivares or $37.90 USD)

Grand total:

Total Venezuela spending: $1,310.76 CAD (3,017,280 Bolivares)

Average daily Venezuela spending: $109.23 CAD (251,430 Bolivares)

Could I have sent less money in Venezuela? Probably, but my goal here wasn’t to save money but to stay safe. I was willing to pay extra to stay safe because I was travelling through a dangerous country. Since I was able to enter the country and exit safely, I would say my trip through Venezuela was a success.


$55 CAD worth of Venezuelan Bolivares

Brazil Spending


Complete 8 days Brazil spending breakdown

  • VISA to Brazil – $127.07 CAD (127.07 Reals or 1,600 Argentine Pesos)
  • Hotel Ibis Manaus – $45.68 CAD (114.98 Reals)
  • Insect Repellent – $6.60 CAD (16.60 Reals)
  • Shared taxi to Pacaraima Terminal from Boa Vista airport – $15.89 CAD (40 Reals)
  • Shared taxi from Boa Vista shared taxi terminal to Pacaraima – $15.89 (40 Reals)
  • 2 night stay at Boa Vista Air Bnb – $39.73 (100 Reals)
  • Azul flight from Manaus to Boa Vista – $213.92 CAD (164.09 Reals or $164.09 USD)
  • LATAM flight from Sao Paulo to Manaus – $76.77 CAD + 6,500 Avios Miles (193.21 Reals)
  • Avianca Flight from Foz de Iguacu to Sao Paulo – $9.70 CAD + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles (24.41 Reals)
  • Suriname Airways flight from Cayenne to Belem – $251.91 CAD (169.81 Reals or 169.81 Euros)
  • Gol Airline from Belem to Rio de Janeiro – $211.71 CAD (532.80 Reals)
  • 2 night stay at Belem Hostel + airport pickup and drop off – $79.47 CAD (200 Reals)
  • Cristo Redentor Ticket – $29.40 CAD (74 Reals)
  • Movie ticket – $8.74 (22 Reals)
  • Airport locker storage – $15.89 CAD (40 reals)
  • Food – $35.71 CAD (89.87 reals)
  • Taxi – $95.36 CAD (240 reals)

Grand total:

Total Brazil spending: $1,279.44 CAD (3220.46 Reals)

Total Brazil spending without flights: $515.43 CAD (1297.38 Reals)

Average daily Brazil spending: $159.93 CAD (402.56 Reals)

Average daily Brazil spending without flights: $64.43 CAD (162.18 Reals)

Total Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Aeroplan Miles, 6,500 Avios Miles

As much as I love Brazilian people, I really hate how expensive this country is. I spent too much money in Brazil and didn’t feel like it was worth it. I will definitely come back to Brazil in the future and make sure I have enough money saved up. Brazil is one of those countries that you need a bigger budget when travelling through compared to other South American countries like Colombia, Peru, or Bolivia.


Brazil Spending

In conclusion, I am not happy with my Argentina and Brazil spending and I hope to learn from my mistakes while traveling through those two countries.

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