Complete 7 Days Madagascar Spending Breakdown

I’ve always hard that travelling to Madagascar is expensive. The reason is because it lacks the infrastructure to support independent travel for tourist. Also, the country has a security issue and independent travel means a big probability of robbery or theft. As a result, having a driver or joining a tour is mandatory for a safe and enjoyable trip. In this blog post, you will see my 7 days Madagascar spending breakdown to give you a rough idea how much it cost.

madagascar spending


Complete 7 Days Madagascar Spending Breakdown

  • Mada Safari Tour – $640 CAD (470 USD or 1,632,000 Ar)
  • Madagascar VISA on arrival – $50 CAD (37 USD or 127,500 Ar)
  • Food – $112 CAD (285,500 Ar)
  • Analamazotra Adventure Tour – $6 CAD (15,000 Ar (it cost 60,000 but we divided the cost between 4 people)
  • Tips – $20 CAD (49,300 Ar)
  • Flight – $364.21 CAD (928,735 Ar)

Grand total:

Total Madagascar spending: $1,192.21 CAD (3,040,135 Ar)

Total Madagascar spending without flights: $828 CAD (2,111,400 Ar)

Average daily Madagascar spending: $170.32 CAD (434.305 Ar)

Average daily Madagascar spending without flights: $118.29 CAD (301,628 Ar)

Points and Miles spent: 100,000 Aeroplan Miles + 36,421 AMEX Cobalt Points

We already got pretty lucky by finding an inexpensive tour company to show us around the country. Most of the money we spent travelling in Madagascar was paid to the tour company. The fee we paid includes the fee to enter the national parks, our driver’s salary, and our accommodation.


madagascar spending


Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the company and their level of customer service was top notch. There were many things about our trip to Madagascar that we were unhappy about but the tour company we went with was not at fault for any of the negative turn of events.

In a future blog post, I will talk about the good and the bad of travelling in Madagascar.

Who knew that travelling in countries in Africa would be expensive.

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2 thoughts on “Complete 7 Days Madagascar Spending Breakdown”

  1. Interesting article, thanks for writing! You mentioned that you are surprised that Africa travel was expensive, but according to your numbers you barely spent anything. Based on other blogs i read it costs about 1000 usd per day for a typical trip to Africa air fare/accommodations/food/activities.

    1. Hello Natisha, I’m glad you enjoyed the article! I mentioned that travel in Africa is expensive because I typically spend $50 per day when I travel abroad. In Africa, I ended up spending $170/day including flights and accommodations or $118 per day excluding flights. I did redeem my Aeroplan miles for the flight portion of things which significantly reduced the cost of travel. Paying for the airfare out of pocket for African travel destinations can definitely shoot the price upwards to $1000 per day which is not affordable for most people including myself. I do my best to find ways to make unaffordable travel destinations affordable so that regular people can find a way to go there without going broke. Or even worst, not going to those travel destinations at all.

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