How To Get Free ANA Platinum Status If You Are An IHG Member (YMMV)

In the latest ANA Mileage club and IHG joint promotion, certain individuals that received a targeted email from IHG and ANA are eligible to get free ANA Platinum status. What if you didn’t receive the targeted email, can you still get the Platinum status? You can certainly try, seems like most people that tried it are reporting that it works. Disclaimer: your mileage may vary meaning this might work for you or it might not.

Is there any negative on you if you opt-in this promotion and you weren’t one of the individuals who received the targeted email? The official statement from ANA and IHG is this:

IHG and ANA reserve the right to cancel a member’s account if fraudulent use of the offer is detected

This means try this promotion at your own risk, I am not liable for what happens to you.

How to get ANA Platinum Status for free

Signing up for this promotion is quite straight forward. Click on this link and you’ll be taken to a form that looks like this:

ANA Platinum Status


Simply enter your name, IHG club # and ANA Mileage club member # and you’re good to go!

The registration period is open from May 10, 2018 to June 30, 2018. If you’re registration is successful, your ANA Platinum Status is valid until March 31, 2019.

ANA Mileage club is responsible for giving you the ANA Platinum Status and they said it can take between (4) four to (6) six weeks before you can see the status change in your account.

Again, keep in mind that this might not work for everyone so try it at your own risk.

What does ANA Platinum status give you? Click here to see the full benefits of getting the ANA Platinum Status.

Some of the main highlights that I see are:

  • Possible free upgrade to Premium Economy if available
  • Free ANA lounge access and option lounge access for your guest if you redeem ANA miles
  • Priority check-in counter
  • Priority baggage claim
  • Free additional baggage
  • Priority boarding on ANA flights
  • Star alliance gold status

The other obvious benefit is getting airline status which you can status match with other airline carriers giving you an indefinite airline status for the rest of your life if you know what you’re doing.

So that’s about it! Try it if your risk tolerance is higher or not if you are on the conservative side. If you received the targeted email, then a big congratulations to you!

Good luck and feel free to comment below with what sort of result you get if you tried signing up for this latest offer.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get Free ANA Platinum Status If You Are An IHG Member (YMMV)”

  1. Good post, thanks. Your cyptic remark about airline status matching interests
    me A LOT. Where can i find actual how-to info on this?

    1. Hello Hannah, I learned about it from Chris Guillebeau’s online course.

      Basically, you can status match from one airline to the next and other airlines are more lenient than others. And you can do this forever as long as other airlines are willing to status match with the airline carrier you currently have some sort of status with.

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