My Complete Finland, England, and Scotland Spending Breakdown

Despite doing my best to keep the cost down, I would have to say that my Finland, England, and Scotland spending is still on the high side. Why is that? Let’s look at the spending breakdown’s below and find out.

Complete 1 Day Finland Spending Breakdown

  • Airbnb – $41 CAD (27.38 Euros)
  • Bus – $4.79 CAD (3.20 Euros)
  • Flight from Oslo to Helsinki – $30.90 CAD (20.64 Euros) + 15,000 Aeroplan Miles

Grand total:

Total Finland spending: $70.69 CAD (47.21 Euros)

Total Finland spending without flights: $45.79 CAD (30.58 Euros)

Points and Miles spent: 15,000 Aeroplan Miles


Scotland Spending


Travelling to the Scandinavian countries is known to be expensive. Despite Finland not actually being part of Scandinavia, they do share similar pricing. Because of this, Finland is an expensive travel destination.

Besides the price, I did find Finnish people to be one of the friendliest in Europe. I would definitely return to Finland just to interact with the hospitable Finnish people.

Complete 3 days England Spending Breakdown

  • Flight from Helsinki to London – $182.35 CAD (£107.92)
  • Food – $59.49 CAD (£35.21)
  • Train from the airport – $21.29 CAD (£12.60)
  • Oyster Card load – $26.19 CAD (£15.50)
  • Oyster Card – $16.90 CAD (£10)
  • Uber – $19.65 CAD (£11.63)
  • Bus to airport – $18.59 CAD (£11)

Grand total:

Total England spending: $344.46 CAD (£203.86)

Total England spending without flights: $162.11 CAD (£95.94)

Average daily England spending: $114.82 CAD (£67.95)

Average daily England spending without flights: $54.04 (£31.98)


Scotland Spending


London, England…one of the world’s most iconic cities. I was definitely excited to visit this famous city. Honestly, my experience in London is quite overwhelming. There is definitely a ton of things to see and do. But personally, I really hate crowds and every single place I visited had way too many people.

On the bright side of things, I stayed with a friend who I met in Colombia and she gave me a place to stay and showed me around. London England is an expensive travel destination. If I return, I would like to visit other cities besides London.

Complete 3 days Scotland spending breakdown

  • Flight from London to Edinburgh – $27.50 CAD (£16.27) + 4500 British Airways Avios Miles
  • Edinburgh Tram – $9.29 CAD (£5.50)
  • Bus station baggage locker – $8.45 CAD (£5)
  • Edinburgh Castle – $28.73 CAD (£17)
  • Braemar Castle Audio Tour – $5.07 CAD (£3)
  • Parking – $3.04 CAD (£1.80)
  • Food – $26.58 CAD (£15.73)
  • Bus from Edinburgh to Aberdeen – $16 CAD (£9.50)

Grand total:

Total Scotland spending: $124.66 CAD (£73.81)

Total Scotland spending without flights: $97.16 CAD (£57.53)

Average daily Scotland spending: $41.55 CAD (£24.60)

Average daily Scotland spending without flights: $32.38 (£19.18)

Points and Miles spent: 4500 British Airways Avios Miles


Scotland Spending


I was pleasantly surprised by Scotland! I’m so glad I went because Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful city I have ever been to. Aberdeen and surrounding small towns was also great. And most definitely, Scottish people are some of the warmest (and crudest) I have met in Europe.

Thanks to my friend who invited me to stay in her family’s farm, I managed to save some money on accommodation. They also showed me around and gave me a very local experience. Much appreciated to her and her family!

My journey to Scotland is one of my favourite during my one year trip around the world. From a spending standpoint, you definitely need to save up more before going here because Finland, England, and Scotland are not cheap travel destinations.

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