How to See the Cristo Redentor if You’re at the Rio de Janeiro Airport

Want to see the Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer in English) when you visit Rio de Janeiro? If you are short on time because you’re on a layover or a short stopover, don’t worry, it’s completely doable!

Oh and if you didn’t already know, Christ the Redeemer is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. I would say it’s really beautiful but I would argue that Angkor Wat should have been on the list instead of this statue. But…that’s an argument for another day. Cristo Redentor is still worth seeing and I enjoyed my time there.

Follow these steps to see this famous statue if you are travelling from the Rio de Janeiro airport (GIG):

Step 1: Buy your train ticket to Cristo Redentor online

Purchase your train ticket ahead of time from this website. If you’re going during low season, the price is 61 Reals; otherwise, on high season, it cost 74 Reals. Make sure you print a copy of the receipt because you need to present it at the ticketing desk when you arrive at Trem do Corcovado.

Step 2: Store your stuff in the airport

If you have a short layover or stopover in the Rio de Janeiro airport, chances are, you’ll have your bags and luggages with you. Go ahead and store them at the airport storage. I personally paid 40 Reals for all day storage.

Step 3: Get a taxi (or Uber) to take you to Trem do Corcovado

Yes, you can take public transport but chances are, you are short on time and this is not the best option. The better option is to take a taxi or Uber to the train station that will take you up the hill where Cristo Redentor is located.

There are several taxi companies in the airport and unfortunately, many of them will offer you a rip off price. The best company I found is called Aerotaxi and charged 50% less than the other taxi companies. I paid 59 Reals for the taxi ride to Cristo Redentor.

The other option is to take Uber. Just make sure you have a SIM Card handy because for some reason, I couldn’t use Uber using the airport wifi.

Step 4: Present your Trem do Corcovado receipt at the ticketing desk to receive the actual ticket

Once you reach the small train station, present your printed receipt to the ticketing desk to get your actual ticket.

Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor


Step 5: Take the train up the hill and enjoy seeing Christ the Redeemer and the beautiful view of Rio de Janeiro

Cristo Redentor


Go nuts taking pictures of the famous statue and the Rio de Janeiro harbour. The city is truly a beautiful place!

Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor


Step 6: Take the train back down and take the yellow meter taxi (or Uber) back to the airport

Cristo Redentor


After you’ve taken a million pictures of the statue and the Rio de Janeiro harbour, it’s time to head back down and get back to the airport! The yellow meter taxi seems to be the best priced ones. I paid 56 Reals for the taxi ride back. Alternatively, you can take Uber which is the cheaper method; however, you must have a SIM Card handy to call an Uber driver.

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