Speak on Cruises by Rick Deutsch Review – How to Cruise for Free

Owner Rick Deutsch runs an online website that teaches individuals how to cruise for free through public speaking.

I decided to invest in his Speak on Cruises course upon stumbling on his website. I’ve been shopping around for someone to teach me how to cruise for free since Karen and myself loves cruise ships.

The webinar is Rick teaching you how the cruise industry works and what kind of presentation the cruise lines are looking for. The webinar is two hours long with Q and A at the end.

Here is what I learned from the Speak on Cruises course delivered Rick:

  1. Your speech must be both entertaining and informative.
  2. Your speech must either be a destination or enrichment based presentation.
  3. You must dress in a suit when presenting (if you’re a guy, the equivalent for women is also required)
  4. You will need to send your resume complete with a YouTube video of yourself doing a presentation to cruise ship speaking agencies.

Here are the pros of Rick’s free cruise webinar:

  • He tells you step by step what to do in order to get a free cruise.
  • He gives you a very honest feedback if your speech idea is something the cruise lines would be interested in or not.
  • He truly wants you to succeed in getting free cruises.

Here are the cons of Rick Deutsch’s free cruise webinar:

  • He tends to repeat himself over and over again. I don’t know if I have ADHD or not but he tends to ramble about the same stuff over and over again.

In my opinion, the webinar would have been better if Rick asks you first which area of speaking on cruises you want to focus on. That way, he can quickly blast through the topics that might not be as interesting or useful to you and focus more time on areas that you really need help with. I’d say he can probably do a one hour webinar and one hour Q and A on the areas you really need help with.

For example, I wanted more help to find out if my topic is something that would be interesting to the cruise line. Rick did help me with my topic which is awesome but we didn’t do it until the very end after I had to stop him from telling me the same stuff over and over again.

Overall, if your goal is to learn how to get a free cruise, Rick definitely delivers in terms of content. You’ll be equipped with all the tools you need to succeed in getting a free cruise gig. His website is at www.speakoncruises.com.

I will be doing a follow up article sometime in the future after I get a free cruise.

2 thoughts on “Speak on Cruises by Rick Deutsch Review – How to Cruise for Free”

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  2. I also invested in Rick’s course and found that he repeated the critical elements of becoming a speaker on cruise ships because they were critical. People retain about 5% of what they hear and Rick, professional presenter that he is, realizes that and drives home critical information by repeating it. I was better prepared for my first speaking gig because of Rick’s training and his repetition of key points. Learning requires repetition, recall and response. I am a successful speaker on cruises thanks to my training with Rick Deutsch.

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