Having heard that Chiang Mai is the place to go for aspiring digital nomads, I decided to investigate what the hype is all about. If you don’t know what a digital nomad is, it is individuals that want to earn their income working online and not be constrained to be in a specific location at any given…
In this blog post, you will learn my complete Singapore, Brunei and Malaysia spending breakdown. That way, you can plan your trip better with detailed information on how much things cost. One night in Singapore spending breakdown Aljunid@sg hostel – $17.29 CAD ($13 USD) Uber (I used it twice) – $22.29 CAD ($22.29 SG)…
The cost breakdown of my eight days in Egypt was better than I expected! Because of the sudden devaluation of the Egyptian pounds, traveling to Egypt right now might just be the best financial decision you will ever make! You will definitely save a lot more money than when I went to this country….

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