Air Asia Nightmare Experience

In one of the most infuriating and nerve-wracking travel experiences yet, I was unfortunate enough to have to deal with Air Asia’s incompetent system. I’ve had a good experience with Air Asia in the past but this is the first time I’ve flown with them on a connecting flight. Let’s just say this is something I will avoid moving forward in the future.

VIDEO – Air Asia Nightmare Experience

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Leaving Male

After a terrible experience with Aeroplan and getting mild food poisoning in the Maldives, I was glad that we were on our way out of the country. Our next destination would be Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. There, we would connect to Singapore where we would take a final flight to Nepal.

Everything was proceeding according to plan. Or so we thought.

Arriving in Kuala Lumpur

When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, the first thing we did was look for a transfer desk. This is common in most countries if you need a boarding pass issued to continue to your next destination.

There’s just one huge problem. The Air Asia desk had no staff working.

4+ hours of hell trying to get a boarding pass in Kuala Lumpur

After inquiring for hours, people lied to us in the airport as they said someone is coming within 30-60 minutes to help us. Karen and I wanted to sleep at the capsule hotel we booked in the Kuala Lumpur airport to make sure we were rested before continuing our flight to Singapore.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be as Air Asia freaking sucks when it comes to serving customers. We waited at the transfer desk with many other angry customers. After waiting for 3 hours, not a single person showed up to help any of us.

I started pestering every single Air Asia staff that walked by. At just over the 4-hour mark, one off-duty staff finally empathized with us and went out of her way to print us a boarding pass. It was one of the most infuriating experiences I’ve ever had to deal with in my travel experience. The company’s excuse was they are short on staff and they just don’t have the manpower to have someone at the transfer desk.

At least the capsule hotel was comfortable by the time we checked in to finally get some badly needed rest. Too bad we didn’t get a full night’s rest because of Air Asia’s shitty customer service.

Air Asia loses our luggage when we arrive in Singapore

Just when we thought our problems were over, Air Asia threw shit on our faces again. When we arrived in Singapore, turns out they lost our luggage. Holy shit, how bad is this airline?

A friendly woman working in the Singapore airport dealing with lost luggage did her best to help us. God bless her soul (I’m not religious) as she contacted Air Asia and managed to track down our backpacks. Turns out they didn’t load it on the plane and will try to load it on the next one.

Karen and I found a hotel to stay at to get some sleep while waiting for our bags to arrive.

Unfortunately for us, by the time we went back to the airport, Air Asia once again forgot to load it on the plane. My god, what a fucking shitty airline company.

The friendly lady urged them to load it on the next flight; otherwise, we won’t have our bags for our flight to Nepal.

Getting our luggage before missing our flight to Nepal

With just 2-hours before our flight, the lady managed to save the day and got us our bags.

After getting our boarding pass, we celebrated by quickly getting some delicious Singaporean food before boarding our flight.

Air Asia

We managed to make it to Nepal with all our stuff. I was mentally drained after dealing with all his crap while trying to transit between the Maldives to Nepal.


The biggest takeaway here is that Air Asia sucks really bad for flights that have connections. Only book one-way flights with them unless you want to be treated like shit. My latest travel experience has been infuriating. Feeling angry at this company is an understatement. Thankfully, friendly off-duty staff and a hard-working Singaporean airport staff saved the day for us.

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