Best Western Diamond Select Status Review

To be honest with you, having Best Western Diamond Select status does not feel any different from having Platinum or Diamond status. I’ve personally held Platinum, Diamond, and Diamond Select status and experienced the exact same perks. Regardless, in this article, you will learn how the Best Western program works and how to get Best Western Diamond Select status.

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Best Western status

If you go to the Best Western website, you can see the different elite status they offer their customers. Getting status is typically earned by staying at Best Western properties.

From my experience, doing a status match is a much better way to get elite status with Best Western.


COVID-19 temporary changes to earning elite status with Best Western Rewards

Since we’re in a pandemic right now, less people are staying in hotels. As a result, Best Western decided to reduce the amount of nights needed to qualify for elite status.

Even with the reduction of nights, I still don’t think staying at Best Western properties is the best way to get status. In the next section, I’ll talk about the best method to easily gain elite status with Best Western.

How to get Best Western Diamond Select status

The easiest way to get Best Western Diamond Select status is to status match from another hotel program. Best Western has a form on their website where you simply email them proof of your hotel status with another hotel program. That proof can be in the form of a screenshot of your status shown on their competitor’s website or the elite status card that hotels tend to mail you.

The first time I did a status match with Best Western, I used my Gold Status with Marriott which can be obtained easily by signing up for one of the AMEX Platinum credit cards. During my first status match, I received Platinum status. Later on, I achieved Platinum status with Marriott and did another status match with Best Western. This time, they gave me Diamond Plus status. So it seems that the upper tier status from competing hotels will give you Diamond plus status.

Best Western Diamond Select Status personal experience

I personally like staying in Best Western properties. As a Canadian, I can earn Best Western points by applying for the MBNA Best Western Mastercard. For most properties, I’ve been treated pretty well. The main downside to Best Western properties is that some of their hotels are outdated and look shabby.

But, if you stay at a Best Western property in Asia, they tend to be quite nice. Everywhere else on the world, their Best Western Premier Collection are very nice and I highly recommend them. They often times have promotions that makes it affordable to stay in them. And, having that Diamond Select status adds an extra perk of getting room upgrades.

Personally, I’ve gotten room upgrades at Best Western properties that had nicer rooms available. Some Best Western have no nicer room. Sadly, for those properties, you’ll have to stay at the base room.

I’ve also never been offered the late check-out but I have managed to get early check-in before. Free breakfast is also random, sometimes I get them, sometimes, they the hotel property requires me to pay extra for it.


Getting the Diamond Select status is nice but I don’t think it’s necessary. From my experience, the room upgrade I’ve received have been exactly the same as when I stayed using Platinum or Diamond status.

I’d only aim to get Best Western Diamond Select status if you already have a high tier status with another hotel program. In that case, it’s an easy status match to Diamond Select status.

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