7 Countries I Had a Bad Travel Experience In

As of writing this article, I have travelled to 89 countries around the world. My travel experience ranges from life-changing to infuriating to health issues. In this article specifically, you will learn about 7 countries that I had a bad travel experience in. It’s not to say that those countries are terrible for everyone. On the contrary, other people might have had a good experience going to those countries. And that’s perfectly fine. As for me, I was unlucky and experience more bad than good. And I will be highlighting the 7 countries that caused me the most grief during my travel history.

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7 Countries I Had A Bad Travel Experience In

1 – Switzerland

On the surface, Switzerland looks like a pristine and beautiful country. But, this country has a dark secret. Many older males are racist to non-white travellers. During my time in Switzerland, I’ve always felt unwelcomed by older Swiss males. The young people are friendly and welcoming. It’s the old mindset that makes this country, not a pleasant one to visit.

I wish it wasn’t so as I really wanted to like Switzerland. The Alps is beautiful and I’ve met many friendly Swiss people outside Switzerland. It’s just a shame that I experience passive-aggressive racism from older Swiss males in the airport, hotels, and train stations. Most women were friendly enough. I’ve only met one woman that had a very short temper towards Asian tourists. But for the most part, many of them are quite welcoming.

2 – Albania

The country of Albania is a really friendly one. The people who live in this country are warm and welcoming. What’s bad about my experience in Albania is food poisoning. I ate at a bus rest stop on my way to Macedonia when I ate some food that has gone bad.

My food poisoning experience here was especially worst because the bus I was taking had no toilet in it.

I don’t blame Albania for this problem, I was just unlucky when it happened. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it was a really bad travel experience that I haven’t forgotten to this day.

3 – Madagascar

This country has some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. But, it’s also a corrupt country. As soon as I landed at the airport, officials started asking me for a bribe. This is not a good start to my adventures in Madagascar.

As I travelled throughout the country, I met friendly locals, beautiful sights, and interesting endemic animals. Madagascar’s cuisine is also delicious. But, before I left the country, I got food poisoned at the capital city of Antananarivo. To make matters worst, as I was suffering and crawling on the airport floor on my way out of the country. some asshole airport official was trying to shake me for bribes. Terrible. As much as I liked Madagascar, the food poisoning experience and corrupt airport officials just soured my memory of this place.

4 – Guyana

Travelling to Guyana is one of the roughest travel experience I ever had. The journey from Lethem to Georgetown was one of the most insane travel experience in my life. Our driver ended up being a smuggler and the passengers being stranded in the middle of the jungle at 2 am was some of the most painful, infuriating, and craziest experience in my life.

Travelling to Guyana was so painful that I never want to return here ever again. Even if Guyana had some of the best-fried rice I have ever eaten in my life.

5 – Italy

Blatant racism is the only thing that I can think of when I went to Italy. From the Italian woman who yelled “NI HA NI HA NI HA” to me while taking the local train to the idiot Italian man who stomped on my foot and started doing “suck it” crotch chops at me at the metro station, this country hates foreigners. I forgot to add almost being robbed at the Bologna train station.

I wanted to like Italy but many locals wanted to be racist instead. The east side of Italy was much friendlier so the racism is concentrated in Rome and nearby cities.

6 – Myanmar

I was really looking forward to my trip to Myanmar. The beautiful ruins, Buddhist monasteries, and nature made this an enticing country to visit.

That all ended when I was in Bagan and got food poisoned really badly. It was the worst food poisoning of my life as I spewed from both ends. On our way out of Inle Lake, we got scammed by our motel as she booked us the wrong day for the bus. Not only did she book the wrong day, but she also booked the wrong time. She wouldn’t give us a refund. Thankfully, the bus company had us leave at the right time even if it was the wrong bus.

Karen and I also got stuck in the airport for many hours while we waited to exit the country.

7 – Egypt

Hands down the country that gave me my worst travel experience was Egypt. The harassment never ended in this country as every person we came across wanted to scam us. The lying and scamming never ended.

We couldn’t leave our accommodation without someone outside already waiting to lie and scam us. The Pyramids of Giza and Abu Simbel was awesome but travelling to this country is rough.


As mentioned, I’m sure other people will have a differing opinion from me. And that’s fine as travel is very subjective. Sometimes, bad experience happens because you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. I certainly believe that for myself during my food poisoning bout in Albania and Madagascar.

I could have possibly avoided racism in Italy if I never visited Rome. After all, outside Rome, the locals were much friendlier. Bad travel experience happens, especially if you travel a lot.

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