17 Different Types of Tourists

In this article, you will learn about the 17 different types of tourist around the world. Despite the fact that I talk about 17 different types of tourist, in reality, everyone is a mix of these types of travellers. As you read through the profiles of each of these different types of tourist, try and see what your percentage breakdown is when it comes to your travel style preference.

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1 – Foodies

The foodies travel for the sake of trying different foods around the world. The more variety, the more exotic, the better for the foodies. Their favourite travel destinations are typically those that offer something interesting in the realm of food. They love trying a range of food from street foods all the way to Micheline star restaurants.

My girlfriend is this type of traveller and I usually just tag along with her to try new cuisines.

2 – Activity Addicts

The activity addicts travel for the purpose of loading up their schedule with activities to do. From morning to night, they are doing something. In the morning, they might check out a museum. In the afternoon, they might go for a hike. At night, they might check out a trendy restaurant. Their entire vacation has a scheduled itinerary with every single activity they plan on doing.

Personally, I hate this travel style. Out of the different types of tourist, this is definitely in my top 3 that I avoid. The only time I will travel like this is if I am with friends or family who likes to travel like this. Otherwise, I will avoid this type of travelling because it’s exhausting and feels like work.

3 – Vegging Out

Vegging out travellers travel for the whole purpose of relaxing. Their dream vacation is to lay by the pool, by the beach or inside their hotel room and do absolutely nothing.

Personally, I think there’s a time and place for this type of travelling. When I travel, I normally like to go on adventures. But, after the adventure is over, I do like to set aside one day just to vege out.

4 – Status Seekers

Status seekers travel for the sake of showing you that they are better than you. They like bragging and showing off their fancy lifestyle. The status seeker travellers like to fly in business or first class then show it off in their Instagram account afterwards. They stay in fancy hotels and live a snobby life.

I personally hate these types of travellers. They are so stupid. Frankly, only other status seekers actually envy the lifestyle of these people. And while people might think what the status seeker is doing when they travel is “neat”; at the end of the day, they become an afterthought. These attention-seeking whores think they’re building up their status but really, they just look dumber and dumber by the minute.

5 – Identity Seekers

It’s sad that there has to be identity seekers type of travellers. These travellers travel for the sake of finding themselves. I’ve met many of these types of tourist and many of them had a “fuck it” moment and left everything behind to travel the world. That is because they’re becoming something they don’t like when they’re at home. And while some identity seekers do “find themselves” when they travel, many of them will also go back to their old ways when they return back home.

However, those that do find themselves and keep their identity is inspiring to see.

6 – Specials

The specials travel for the sake of being unique and different. These travellers get annoyed when they hear other people have been to the destination they’ve been to before. They also delight when they go to a country no one has heard of before because they can feel different from everyone else. However, if they meet someone that has been to more stranger place than them, they get envious as someone was more unique and different than they are.

The weird thing about the specials is that they also want people to like and accept them. They’re always treading in limbo of wanting to stand out and be different while wanting someone to admire and accept them for their specific travel style.

7 – Digital Nomads

The digital nomads are freedom seeking travellers. They don’t mind working long hours, they just don’t like being confined to one place. The digital nomads also like the idea of travelling all over the world and living in different countries. They frequently go to countries that are digital nomad friendly. Those countries are usually Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia (Bali specifically), Portugal, Ukraine, etc. Basically, any country that is cheap to live in, decent internet speed, and good standard of living, will work for them.

While I am not a digital nomad traveller; however, I would love to try it once at some point in my life. It seems like something that would be neat to do for just one year.

8 – Partyer

The partyer travel for the sole purpose of partying it up. Their favourite travel destinations are the ones with a big party scene. They like places like Spain (Ibiza), Thailand, Japan, Italy, Florida (Miami), Australia (Sydney), Indonesia (Bali), Brazil, and Greece.

I don’t party when I travel and I actually hate travelling with these people. I once stayed in a hostel in Italy where the partyers puked all over the hostel in the middle of the night. I try to avoid these travellers when I can. With that being said, I will still take them over the status-seeking idiots.

9 – Adventurer

As their name suggests, the adventurer type of travellers will travel for the sake of going on an adventure. They love going on treks and hikes. If the travel involves danger or obstacle, that makes that travel destination even more appealing.

Personally, I am an adventure traveller and pick travel destinations with potential for obstacle, thrill, and perseverance.

10 – Country Collector

The country collector travellers are misunderstood by many people. That is because sometimes, they spend more time travelling in a place than being in that place. Personally, I think country collecting is the very definition of travel. You are going to a new place. Going to a new place means you are travelling. When you get to that place and do stuff, that’s no longer travelling. That’s just doing activities.

As you can tell, I am a country collector and defend these individuals and their travel style. Their goal aligns with mine which is to visit all 193 UN-recognized countries.

11 – Luxury

Unlike status seekers, luxury travellers travel for the sake of sampling the best that life has to offer. They also like being comfortable and want to enjoy the finer things in life. They aren’t doing it to show off or to build status. They’re doing it for themselves. For their own enjoyment. And that to me is perfectly fine.

Their favourite travel destinations would be trying luxury hotel properties in places like the Maldives or Bora Bora. They also like going on luxury African safaris, and luxury cruises. In terms of flights, they love business and first-class ones. Emirates, Etihad, Singapore airlines first class are all on their bucket list of luxury travel experience.

12 – Sex Tourist

A percentage of travellers are sex tourists. A lot of them are males going to countries like Thailand and the Philippines where hooking up with locals is much easier than in their home country. However, during my travels, I’ve also met white female Americans going to Central or South American countries to hook up with Latino boys. I’ve even seen them bringing the Latino boys with them on their trip and they pay for everything. Whatever floats their boat. As long as no one gets hurt, I’m not here to judge. I do think the whole sex tourism thing is a grey area.

I think the part that is horrible is when a local is getting exploited. I’ve personally seen women who look underage being taken advantage of in the Philippines. The people who take advantage of the vulnerable are disgusting and I hope bad things happen to them.

13 – Wildlife Viewer

There are many travellers out there that travel for the sake of seeing wildlife. Animal lovers will travel to far off countries just to see endemic wildlife (or plant life). Their favourite travel destinations include Tanzania, South Africa, and Kenya to see the big 5 animals (lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo, and rhino) and Uganda for gorilla trekking. Other destinations such as Indonesia for komodo dragon island, India for tigers, Ecuador for Galapagos Island, and Madagascar for lemurs are also popular.

I personally enjoy wildlife viewing and do factor this in when I travel.

14 – Urban Explorer

The urban explorer travel for the whole purpose of visiting cities. They don’t care for mother nature. To them, exploring cities is the most enjoyable thing to do. They love checking out different restaurants, streets, metro, museums, malls, and landmarks in a given city. People cities for this include Paris, Tokyo, London, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Los Angeles, Rome, Seoul, and Barcelona.

Personally, I think this travel style is extremely lame and boring. But, I have friends and family members who only travel like this and they find enjoyment doing this sort of travel.

15 – Cultural Experience

There are travellers that like to go to specific travel destinations for the sake of getting a cultural experience. They might visit the Masai Mara tribe in Kenya, the Pygmies in Congo, the nomadic people of Mongolia to the various Melanesian tribes in Papua New Guinea.

Outside those exotic locations, they may simply like to blend in the locals at their chosen countries and “live as the locals do”.

I personally enjoy some cultural experience. If you look at it closely, the cultural experience should probably be the number one reason people should travel. That is because getting to know other cultures brings the world together.

16 – Visiting friends and family

Of the different types of tourist, visiting friends and family abroad is the most common one. A lot of people travel every year for the purpose of getting together with family and friends. Any tourist-related activities they partake in always involves doing so with their friends and family.

I am one of the many people that travel for this sake. And, once I visit every single country in the world, I see myself doing this more and more often.

17 – Sight Seeing

And of course, despite the many different types of tourist out there, sightseeing is something that many people enjoy doing. Not everyone enjoys sightseeing; of course, but if you travel abroad, chances are, you will end up doing some sightseeing.

Sightseeing destinations are also often correlated with taking pictures. So those who love photography, taking selfies, or group photos will enjoy sightseeing destinations since there will be a specific beautiful sight to see.

My own travel type breakdown

Personally, this is my current travel type breakdown. I do see this changing as I get older and once I complete visiting every single country in the world:

  • Adventure – 30%
  • Country collecting – 30%
  • Visiting friends and family – 15%
  • Wildlife viewing – 10%
  • Sightseeing – 5%
  • Cultural experience – 5%
  • Luxury – 5%


In my opinion, travelling should be done as an internal thing. When you do it for the sake of boosting your status or just to let other people know you are different from them, then your travel style kind of makes you seem pathetic.

The other travel 15 different types of tourist are perfectly legitimate motivation to travel. Everyone has different interests of course and to each their own at the end of the day.

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