Europe Travel Game Plan To Visit All Countries (Currently 42/43)

There are 43 countries in Europe – 44 if you include the Vatican (which I’ve already visited). Out of the 43 countries in Europe, I have visited 42 of them. This leaves just one country in Europe that I have yet to visit. In this article, I will discuss my Europe travel game plan to complete this continent in my quest to visit every single country in the world. Before continuing, make sure to read the Oceania article first to see my criteria’s for visiting every single country in the world.

VIDEO – Europe Travel Game Plan To Visit All Countries

My game plan To visit all 193 UN recognized countries series:

Countries I have not visited in Europe

The one country in Europe I have not visited and is Iceland. However, I do think that my visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina was a bit dirty since I was only there briefly thanks to transiting there by train. So yes, I’ve been there but I want to go back and visit it again.

Europe travel game plan

My plan to visit Iceland is simple. I will take an Air Canada flight from Vancouver connecting to Montreal or Toronto and ending in Reykjavik. This will cost roughly 35,000 Aeroplan points one-way. My other option is to take a direct flight from Vancouver to Reykjavik through Icelandair using my Alaska Miles which will also cost 35,000 Alaska miles in economy.

Alaska Miles is more scarce so I’m not sure if I want to go that route. Although, they do let you have a free stopover in the middle. This means I can have a stopover in Reykjavik then continue on my trip to Munich. From Munich, I can take a short flight to Sarajevo in Bosnia for just 7,500 Aeroplan points which completes the European continent for me.

Alternative Europe travel game plan

One alternative route that I am also likely to explore when completing my trip to Europe is by redeeming my Aeroplan points for a flight going towards the Pacific zone. This flight will have a stopover in the Atlantic zone and will cost me 110,000 Aeroplan points in Business Class. The route will be YVR-YYZ-KEF-FRA-SJJ-VIE-TPE. Basically, I will use Reykjavik as my stopover in Europe. Then, I will have an under 24-hour layover in Sarajevo in Bosnia. Finally, I will end my trip with an awesome EVA Air business class flight going from Vienna to Taipei.

Europe Travel

I haven’t checked yet if an under 24-hour layover is possible in Sarajevo since the pandemic is affecting flight availabilities. But once the pandemic ends, I will play around and see if this option would work or not.


My Europe travel game plan is pretty simple since there’s only one country left on the continent that I have yet to visit. I do think I saved the best for last since Iceland seems like an epic travel destination in Europe. I do plan on doing a road trip along the ring road of Iceland which is near the top of my travel bucket list.

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