How To Wash Your Laundry While Travelling

After travelling around the world several times in the last few years, I learned that there’s one key skill you need to learn. And that skill is how to wash your laundry while travelling. I’ve tried several methods of washing my laundry such as paying locals in Southeast Asia to wash it for me to take a shower with my clothes on. After giving it some thought, there are two travel methods that I think are the most convenient to do when travelling which I cover in this article.

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If you plan on travelling for longer than one week, staying at an Airbnb at least once a week will make your life a lot easier. Oftentimes, Airbnb’s have a washing machine and dryer available for use. When I travelled for one year, I later learned that staying in an Airbnb saved me time when doing my laundry.

Since then, I always make sure to book at least one Airbnb once a week.


If for some reason, you don’t have access to a washing machine or dryer, then the Scrubba method is your best bet. During my one-year trip around the world, I used my Scrubba a lot to do my laundry. When I was travelling in less developed countries like Egypt, I had to use the Scrubba to wash my clothes.

wash your laundry while travelling

The Scrubba is a washbag that you load up with your clothes. It’s pretty straightforward to use as the instructions are clear. After you load up the Scrubba with clothes, you put liquid soap and water and you are ready to scrub!

wash your laundry while travelling


Scrub for a good 3 minutes then drain the dirty water out of the Scrubba. Put clean water in to rinse your clothes. After shaking the bag to rinse your clothes, you hang them up and you are done!


The other benefit of going with these two methods is that they are budget-friendly. Using Airbnb’s washing machine and dryer tends to be quite cheap from my experience. They’re either free if you rent out the whole place or the owner will charge you just a few dollars to use their washer and dryer.

With Scrubba, you just pay for the liquid soap and you’re good to go.

With these two methods, washing your laundry will not be a problem again!

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