4 Asia Miles Sweet Spots For Canadians Living In Eastern Canada

In a previous article, I talked about how to earn 70,000 Asia Miles in one year in Canada. Since then, people have been asking me what are some Asia Miles sweet spots for Canadians living in Eastern Canada. In this article, you will learn about four sweet spots for Canadians living on the east coast. Before you jump in and read the rest, I’d like you to use this article as an example of how to find Asia Miles sweet spots.

One thing you’ll notice is that one of the best ways to maximize the value of your Asia miles is to book a flight really far away. And, you also want to keep in mind that Asia Miles is the frequent flyer program for Cathay Pacific. So naturally, you will be connecting in Hong Kong for many of your redemptions. The last thing to remember is that because Asia Miles is part of Cathay Pacific, you will see more Cathay Pacific rewards availability in this program compared to other programs (such as Alaska Airlines). Taking advantage of this fact will make your life easier as you look for rewards availability using your Asia miles.

VIDEO – 4 Asia Miles Sweet Spots For Canadians Living In Eastern Canada

Toronto to Hong Kong to Sydney (YYZ-HKG-SYD)

Since this redemption falls under the “ultra-long” category, you will need to redeem 85,000 Asia miles to fly in Business Class or 42,000 miles in Economy.

Asia Miles Sweet Spots

Since you’ll be flying on Cathay Pacific for this flight, Hong Kong is naturally where you would have a connecting flight. When redeeming Asia miles, you are only allowed two segments for one-way flights. This means, your connecting flight in Hong Kong cannot be longer than 23 hours and 59 minutes. So yes, you can go out of the airport and find a hotel or you can just continue on to Australia.

Toronto to Hong Kong to Auckland (YYZ-HKG-AKL)

The next sweet spot is similar to the Sydney one except you’re going to Auckland in New Zealand instead. It is nearly identical to the previous redemption. You will still redeem 85,000 Asia Miles in Business Class or 42,000 in Economy.

Tokyo to Doha to Montreal (HND-DOH-YUL)

This redemption is interesting because it only works on your flight back to Eastern Canada. This flight will use Qatar Airways which is famous for its business class cabin. I’d say, flying on Qatar Airways business class counts as a travel bucket list for any travel lovers out there.

This flight starts in Tokyo because it’s one of the countries that doesn’t charge a fuel surcharge. Qatar Airways has a huge fuel surcharge and the only way around it is to book the starting point of your trip in countries where it’s banned. This includes Brazil, Australia, and the Philippines.

Since this is a partner Asia Miles redemption, you will pay 90,000 Asia Miles in Business Class for this “ultra-long” flight and 47,500 on Economy.

Toronto to Hong Kong to Johannesburg (YYZ-HKG-JNB)

The last one on the list is a classic Asia Miles redemption that takes you all the way to South Africa. This redemption used to be even better before Asia Miles removed your ability to have a stopover halfway through your flight. Regardless, it is still a good redemption and this “ultra-long” flight will set you back 85,000 Asia Miles on Cathay Pacific Business Class or 42,000 in Economy.


So as you can see, if you live on the East Coast, it is in your best interest to take advantage of “ultra-long” flights to maximize the value of your Asia Miles.

Can you use your Asia Miles for short-haul flights? Since Avios is good for short-haul flights, wouldn’t the same rule apply to Asia Miles? Yes, that is correct, it would be good for short-haul flights as well. But, since you get access to extra availability with Cathay Pacific, I think it’s in your best interest to take advantage of those extra availabilities. You can use your Avios instead for short-haul flights since they are easier to earn than Asia Miles.

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