Aeroplan Points Expiring – How To Prevent That From Happening

Aeroplan points expiring is something a lot of Aeroplan points collector is scared of. That makes sense since you worked so hard to build up your Aeroplan points balance. The last thing you want to happen is for all of it to just disappear. In this article, you will learn what to do to keep your Aeroplan points from expiring.

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Aeroplan points expiring – Ways to prevent that from happening

Aeroplan points expire after 18-months of inactivity in your Aeroplan account. If you want to prevent your Aeroplan points from expiring, then you need to have activity in your Aeroplan account. There are two ways to create activity in your account. The first way is to redeem your Aeroplan points. And, the second way is to earn Aeroplan points.

The easiest way to get activity in your Aeroplan account is to get an Aeroplan credit card. TD, CIBC, and AMEX all have Aeroplan branded credit cards that you can use to get activity in your account. Every time you make a purchase using your Aeroplan branded credit card, you push the expiry date of your Aeroplan points by another 18-months.

Another way is to do surveys through At the bare minimum, you will earn 5 Aeroplan points for completing a survey.

Aeroplan points expiring warning

Thankfully, Aeroplan recently implemented a warning system before your Aeroplan points expires. Two months before your Aeroplan points expire, Aeroplan will send you an email to warn you before you lose your points.

What to do if your Aeroplan points expire

If you get unlucky and your points expire, Aeroplan implemented some new rules to get your points back. Buying your points back is not the best option as you have to pay $0.01 per point plus $30 admin fee. If your points expired under 6 months, you can simply fly with Air Canada to get your points reinstated. Another method to get your Aeroplan points reinstated is to get an Aeroplan credit card. This new rule, at the very least, gives you an opportunity to gain your points back in case you completely forgot about them.


Your Aeroplan points expiring is a horrible thing to happen. Thankfully, Aeroplan implemented some new rule that could help you get your points back. But, the best way to avoid the headache of trying to get your points reinstated is not to lose them to begin with. And by earning or redeeming your Aeroplan points on a regular basis, you can ensure the safety of your Aeroplan points balance.

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