AMEX Shut Down All My Credit Cards (150k MR Points Gone)

On Wednesday, June 24, I opened my AMEX account only to see that all my points have been wiped out. Shockingly, I had over 150,000 MR points gone. Immediately, I was in disbelief at what happened and thought it was a glitch. After researching online, I found out that AMEX is shutting everyone down. I then believed that AMEX shut down all my credit cards.

Immediately, I called AMEX to seek answers. Instead, I was told that it appears all my accounts have been cancelled. If I wanted to find out why I needed to speak with a supervisor. I was then told to call again the next day (the supervisors were off work since I called later in the day). I was also told that all my AMEX cards balance have been sent to collections. This part made me mad because I always pay my bills on time. My credit score took a 90 points dip as a result at which no fault of mine.

June 25, 2020 – AMEX runaround

The next day, I called AMEX again and spoke with an individual that refused to answer my questions. Instead, he kept asking me if I’m going to pay my remaining balance or not. I told him I always pay my bills on time and it’s ridiculous they even sent my balance to collections. They told me it’s possible they can reverse sending it to collections if I pay off my balance on that day. Which I did later on that day.

At the same time, the person couldn’t find a supervisor that would talk to me and told me I will get a call back from a supervisor at 2 pm on that same day. I waited and waited, and no one called me. I began to think that the customer service rep only said that to get me off the phone but they have no plans on addressing this issue with me.

June 26, 2020 – AMEX supervisor conversation

Thankfully, on this day, an AMEX supervisor called me to discuss what happened. The supervisor was friendly but would not specify the reason for getting shut down. It appears she doesn’t know and that the shut down might be automatically triggered. I recorded my conversation with the AMEX supervisor, click here if you want to listen to it.

Here are the main takeaways from the conversation:

  • The reason for the shutdown is not specified other than the card was not used for its intended purpose
  • I’m not necessarily blacklisted but whether I can get approved for another AMEX card in the future is unclear but I was encouraged to try applying again in 6 months and see what happens
  • Once all points are wiped out, they’re gone for good, there is no way they can reinstate them
  • They might be able to recall your card being sent to collections and recover your credit score but I’m still waiting to speak with the credit department for them to approve this. This is especially true if you pay off your balance
  • You can still receive refunds from your credit cards and transfer them between your cancelled credit cards.

Later on the day, I received a letter from UPS with a generic reason why AMEX shut down all my credit cards.

AMEX Shut Down

Now, I’m waiting to get a call from the AMEX credit department to reverse my account being sent to collections since it was necessary as I paid off all my balances.


These turn of events really upset me and I was choked I lost 150,000 AMEX points. I was waiting for the Avios transfer promotion and I was going to transfer my points then. But, these things happen in life and when you play the points and miles game, you get burned once in a while.

I think it’s a good idea to save yourself before the possible chance that AMEX shut down your credit cards as well. I’d transfer all my points out of AMEX as soon as possible.

Personally, I would like to repair my relationship with AMEX at some point and will try some strategies 6 months from now and see what happens. Until then, I’ll be focusing my attention on other credit card companies.

VIDEO – AMEX Shuts Down All My Credit Cards (150k MR Points Gone) + Recorded Conversation with AMEX Supervisor


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7 thoughts on “AMEX Shut Down All My Credit Cards (150k MR Points Gone)”

  1. KENDRICK , re your experience Amex credit cards …their actions at best must be barely legal !! The SOB’s that cancelled your cards & points with no notice , instruct their agents to be kissy faced with you and give them no discretionary authority . Thanks for the heads up on their pitiful customer relations !! Ray Bishop

  2. How can they send a debt of yours to collections if it is not past due and they made no attempt to get you to pay?

    Does it show up as a collection on your credit report? You said your score went down, but that could be due to many of your accounts being closed suddenly so your average age of accounts, available credit, etc. all drastically changed?

  3. There is no mention on the letter that your balance was sent to collections. May be just a CSR that is talking out of his/her ass….

  4. I Can See For Miles

    Could you share details of what you believe may have caused your shutdown? Were you MSing and if so, how? Without offering details, this doesn’t help anyone who may read your post or add to the knowledge base.

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