How To Fast Track Hotel Elite Status in Canada

Would you like to learn how to fast track hotel elite status in Canada? Thankfully, there is a fast method to do it which we will cover in this article.

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Step 1 – Get AMEX Platinum or Business Platinum card

This is actually not a good deal right now. But, once the COVID-19 thing passes and the AMEX Platinum card sign up bonus hopefully goes back to normal, then definitely apply for these cards.

By getting an AMEX Platinum card, you will automatically get Gold Status with Marriott Hotel. You can leverage this Marriott Gold status by doing a status match to other hotel groups later on.

If you get the AMEX Personal Platinum card instead of the AMEX Business Platinum card, you will also get Gold status with Hilton Hotel, Radisson Hotel, and Jade Status with Shangri-La Hotel.

Step 2 – Status match to Best Western and Wyndham Hotel

It’s easy to status match with Best Western. All year-round, they allow you to status match with their program. Often times, the Marriott Gold translates to Best Western Diamond status. Sometimes, you are unlucky and they’ll give you Platinum status which is what I got the first time I did it. But recently, they’ve been giving me Diamond status.

Fast Track Hotel Elite Status in Canada, How To Fast Track Hotel Elite Status in Canada

Wyndham typically offers the status match on a yearly basis. As of writing this article, this promotion is currently not available. But this is probably due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Once this whole COVID-19 passes by, I’m pretty sure they’ll offer the status match promotion again.

Step 3 – Status match to Caesars Hotel

If you’ve already gotten the Wyndam Hotel Diamond status earlier this year or once they offer this promotion again, you automatically qualify for Caesars Hotel Diamond status.

The biggest perk of the Caesars Hotel Diamond status is getting that “free” stay at the Atlantis Bahamas resort. Now, it’s not really free to stay there. You still have to pay a $65 USD resort fee. And apparently, some people are reporting that they’re forcing you to log four hours a day playing in the casino.

Best perks of hotel elite status

In my opinion, the best perk of getting hotel elite status is getting a free breakfast. Unfortunately, Marriott now requires you to have Platinum status to get free breakfast with their program.

Hilton and Shangri-La hotel will give you free breakfast with Gold and Jade status which is fantastic.

Best Western is quite random. Sometimes, they’ll give you free breakfast, sometimes, they won’t.

The other great perk is the room upgrade. With Marriott, you do need to be Platinum status to get upgraded to a suite. Best Western is random because sometimes, you don’t get a room upgrade and sometimes, you get upgraded to the presidential suite.

The Jade status with Shangri-La hotel also gives you the ability to fast track to Star Alliance Gold. This is a great perk if you’re a frequent flyer and would like to use the Star Alliance Gold lounges around the world.


If you’re a frequent traveller, then getting the hotel elite status is definitely worth the time and effort. If anything, it increases your travel experience and makes things so much sweeter.

As mentioned, it’s not worth getting the AMEX Platinum cards at the moment but after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed, I’m pretty sure they’ll reintroduce the cards with similar great value as they normally provide to their customers.

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