50% Off Fiji Airways Booking Through Alaska Miles Until Feb 29, 2020

Do you collect Alaska Airlines miles but have never redeemed your points to fly in Fiji Airways? You’re in luck! There’s a promotion right now where you can redeem your Alaska miles for up to 50% less miles if booked on a Fiji Airways flight! (Credit goes to Tom W., a Travel and Live Free reader and MAX Travel Canada member for finding this deal)

Make a Fiji Airways booking to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific

For as little as 20,000 Alaska Miles for a one way flight or 40,000 Alaska Miles round trip, you can fly to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific!

fiji airways booking, 50% Off Fiji Airways Booking Through Alaska Miles Until Feb 29, 2020

This deal is unheard of and is really amazing! You can also fly one way in business class for as little as 40,000 Alaska Miles or 80,000 Alaska Miles round trip.

fiji airways booking, 50% Off Fiji Airways Booking Through Alaska Miles Until Feb 29, 2020

If you want to fly out of a Canadian city, you’d have to fly out of the following cities through an Alaska Airlines carrier to connect to your Fiji Airways flights:

  • Vancouver
  • Kelowna
  • Victoria
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton

fiji airways booking, 50% Off Fiji Airways Booking Through Alaska Miles Until Feb 29, 2020

Alaska Airlines rules

If you decide to make a Fiji Airways booking through Alaska Airlines miles, do keep in mind of the following Alaska Airlines rules:

  • You’re only allowed one partner per Alaska miles booking
  • You are allowed one stopover at a major hub in a one way flight
  • Connecting flights with Alaska Airlines is allowed

To sum it up, you can fly on Fiji Airways + Alaska Airlines and have a stopover in Fiji on your way to Australia, New Zealand or a South Pacific travel destination.

Where in the South Pacific can you go to?

If you’re an adventure traveller like I am or you like to collect countries, one of the awesome way to make a Fiji Airways booking is by travelling to the South Pacific. Besides Fiji, here are countries you can visit in the South Pacific using your Alaska miles:

  • Kiribati
  • Solomon Islands
  • Samoa
  • Tonga
  • Tuvalu
  • Vanuatu

And on your way to these South Pacific nations, you can also do a free stopover in Fiji! This is a great way to visit several new countries in the South Pacific and have an awesome time going to some beautiful beach destinations.

Countries like Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Tuvalu can’t be reached using your Aeroplan miles or British Airways Avios. In my opinion, it’s very lucrative to use your points to then go to these four countries using your Alaska Miles.


If you plan on taking advantage of this promotion and do a Fiji Airways booking, then it’s certainly an amazing deal to fly yourself to Australia, New Zealand or the South Pacific. The deal ends on February 29, 2020 so do make your bookings before the deadline.

This promotion is extremely rare so I don’t know if this will happen ever again in the future.

I’m personally planning on making a booking and at the very least, make a redemption to visit Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Tuvalu.

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  1. Kendrick , thank you for this amazing info. , I presently have 40,000 plus Alaska air miles earned with my Alaska Airlines Mastercard and flights to book this . Flying back to Cancun on Alaska Airlines January 3 , 2020 , in flight I applied for an Alaska Airlines Visa card . The sign up bonus is 40,000 Alaska Airlines miles with an additional 2,000 for submitting your application form in flight to cabin crew . I questioned that as a Canadian I qualified , and was told yes . The application form was user friendly for my Canadian address & info. . Meet the first few months spending requirements and you are good to go….. I do not know the income level they want to see . The annual fee for the card is I presume US $ 75.00 . I believe you know a workaround to initially reduce this but I did not bother at this time . Ray Bishop

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