Website Maintenance – Upgrade In Progress

I’ve been running the Travel and Live Free blog now for just a little over four years. Since its inception, I’ve personally had to learn how to build a wordpress website from scratch with no knowledge on how to do so. Regardless, I did my best to research and learn how to do it.

Four years later, I’ve had two different look for the blog and I feel that now is the time to do a major upgrade. While I do like the current look of the blog, I’m working on upping its appearance to make it more user friendly. I also wanted to clean up the appearance and organization of the blog because for the longest time, it’s just had a functional setup.

So in the month of September 2019, I decided to work with a professional web designer to upgrade my website. I’m not sure how long it will take to completely design the website and revamp its look and organization. I’m estimating for it to take roughly 1 month but it might take less or more time.

What does this mean?

This means that for the month of September 2019, regular blog post will either be suspended or significantly less than usual. At least, until the website has been completed.

I’m also working on rebranding the website. I feel that I’m a bit all over the place in terms of the theme of the blog.

My goal moving forward is to focus my topic on Canadian Around the World Travel focusing on adventure and points and miles.

If you want me to cover any specific topic, feel free to let me know in the comments below.

My goal is to have the blog up and running normally again by October 1, 2019 so I’m hoping all goes well then!

After October 1, 2019, I should have lots of fresh content to publish moving forward.

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