My Spending Breakdown While Visiting Romania, Istanbul, Zurich, Chicago

In this blog post, you’ll learn my spending breakdown while visiting Romania, Istanbul, Zurich, and Chicago. These countries/cities are my last few segments to end my latest vacation. Prior to travelling to these places, I travelled to Nha Trang Vietnam, Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Burundi. You can check out my spending breakdown of those places here:

My 2 nights and 3 days spending breakdown while visiting Romania

  • Round trip bus ride from the airport to Bucharest Gara de Nord – $2.83 CAD (8.60 Lei)
  • Full day car rental – $112 CAD (358 Lei)
  • Gas – $57.39 CAD (176.16 Lei)
  • Hotel parking – $3.10 CAD (10 Lei)
  • Bran Castle entrance fee – $13.18 CAD (40 Lei)
  • McDonald’s – $7.91 CAD (24 Lei)
  • Food – $5.27 CAD (17 Lei)
  • Ibis hotel – $139.15 CAD (448.50 Lei)

Total cost of visiting Romania: $340.83 CAD (1098.54 Lei)

Average daily cost of visiting Romania: $113.61 CAD (366.18 Lei)

My trip to Romania would have been a lot cheaper if I was backpacking. But because I was on vacation and I had a limited amount of time, we didn’t have the luxury to go the cheapest route. If you look closely, it’s renting a car that spiked our expenses up.

Anyways, I was glad we still got to go from Bucharest to Bran Castle and see Dracula’s Castle despite the short time we had in Romania.


visiting romania


Layover in Istanbul

  • Hagia Sophia entrance fee – $28.58 CAD (120 Lira)
  • Roundtrip bus between the airport and outside the Blue Mosque – $8.44 CAD (36 Lira)

Total cost of our Istanbul Layover: $36.56 CAD (156 Lira)

Our Istanbul layover was very productive. We got in the city, ran into a lot of elitist, grumpy, and snobby people, went to see the Hagia Sophia (awesome!) and the Blue Mosque (awesome outside, not so much inside) then back to the airport. I’ll never explore Istanbul ever again but I’ll definitely go back to Turkey, I heard the other parts of the country is friendlier.


visiting romania


My 1 night stay in Zurich

Total cost of our overnight layover in Zurich (Hotel Stay@Zurich Airport) – $142.83 CAD (107.60 CHF)

We only had a one night stay in Zurich before we flew out to head back to North America the next day.

My 1 night stay in Chicago

  • Motel 6 – $80.33 CAD ($61.01 USD)
  • Round trip Uber ride between our hotel and the airport – $54.74 CAD ($41.58 USD)
  • Food – $20.46 CAD ($15.54 USD)

Total cost of our overnight layover in Chicago – $155.53 CAD ($118.13 USD)

Flying back to the US was pleasant after our short stop in Europe. Americans are so much more friendlier than countries like Switzerland so we were definitely happy to be back.

If only more Swiss people would be like Roger Federer who not only excels at his sport but is also a nice guy, the country would be more enjoyable to visit.


Visiting Romania was neat and I got to see what I wanted to see which was Bran Castle. I’m also glad I was able to redeem my Aeroplan miles to book an Aeroplan mini-RTW which gave myself and my girlfriend the opportunity to go on such an amazing vacation.

The amount of money we spent on this vacation is also unlike our typical vacations. We usually have a “flashpacker” budget which is slightly above backpacker but not your typical vacationists’ budget.

Regardless, we have no regrets, this was one of the best vacations we’ve had in most recent times!

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