Aeroplan Mini-RTW Devaluation Coming In September 2019

Sadly, an Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation is coming up in September 1, 2019. It was just announced yesterday that Aeroplan is making some positive changes and some negative changes.

Positive changes to Aeroplan

Here are the positive changes taken directly from the Aeroplan website:

Aeroplan mini-rtw devaluation

Looking at the list of positive changes, I would say that full refunds for flight rewards booked within 24 hours is definitely a great perk. Being able to refund your flight up until 2 hours before your flight is also an amazing perk for those who’s looking for more flexibility when they travel. And of course, the lower fee for refunds is always a welcome bonus.

I don’t have Air Canada Altitude Super Elite 100k and most people don’t have it either so this change only applies to a small group of people.

Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation

Here are the recent devaluation taken directly from the Aeroplan website:

Aeroplan mini-rtw devaluation

Aeroplan mini-rtw devaluation

The Multi-City Flight Rewards booking is definitely the biggest negative change in this latest Aeroplan announcement. As mentioned by Aeroplan, this only affects about 0.3% of all the flight rewards redeemed every year. And the reason why is because not everyone knows about or knows how to book an Aeroplan mini-RTW.

Most people don’t know that if you book a round-trip flight, you are actually allowed THREE stopovers. One is the point of return and two stopovers (you can replace one of the stopover with an open jaw).

The only way to take advantage of having 3 stopovers during a round trip flight is to phone in Aeroplan and give them your customized segments. This allows for some amazing flight itineraries that allows you to go around the world with just a round-trip redemption as oppose to an Around the World Flight Rewards redemption. Take this Aeroplan mini-RTW in business class redemption that I did which was 100% in business class.

Sadly, after the Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation, you can only have 2 stopovers instead of 3. This devaluation isn’t the end of the world but it certainly takes away one of the must lucrative way to redeem your Aeroplan miles.

What should you do before the Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation happens?

The obvious course of action before the Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation happens is to book as much of your Aeroplan miles as possible! And of course, you want to book them using the Aeroplan mini-RTW method.

If you’re low on points, some cards that can give you big sign up bonuses are the following (the AMEX cards have referral links):

And if you’re wondering how you can hit your minimum spend requirements, here is an article on 45 ways you can hit the minimum spend requirements on your new Canadian credit card.

Further clarification

Some of the wording in the new changes are rather confusing so I thought I would clarify it for you. Here is the confusing statement:

Please note that, as today, for travel within the same continent (except for travel wholly within North America), one open jaw is permitted but stopovers are not permitted.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have 2 or 3 stopovers in one continent. It just means you can’t end up in another continent during your Aeroplan mini-RTW (round trip) flight booking. For example, YVR-TPE-HKG-NRT isn’t allowed but YVR-TPE-HKG-NRT-YVR is allowed.


This news definitely puts a wrench in many of us who loves redeeming Aeroplan mini-RTWs. I personally use this method to visit as many countries as possible since I’m a country collector. Sadly, I can explore one country less per redemption as a result of this Aeroplan mini-RTW devaluation.

I will personally do two Aeroplan mini-RTW redemption before September 1, 2019 as my final hurrah. What is your plan of action before the big devaluation? Where will your final 3 stopover Aeroplan mini-RTW redemption take you?

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