What I Realized I Took For Granted At Home During My 380 Days of Travel Around The World

During my 380 days of travel around the world, there was so many things I realized I took for granted at home. Often times in life, you need to lose something for you to understand how important that thing really is in your life.

Here are the four things that I took for granted at home:


While travelling, I realized how much I took for granted the fact that good food is readily accessible here in Vancouver, Canada. When I travelled in Asia, I kept craving burgers and fries. While travelling in South America, all I can think about is eating good Asian food (Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese).

When I was travelling in Europe, I was so sick of eating bread, and cheese and just wanted some American and Asian food.

So, when I finally returned home from Canada, I learned to appreciate all the delicious food we have available here. And every time I eat all my favourite food, I savour the moment because at one point, I was deprived of all these amazing cuisines.

Comfortable place to sleep

When you travel from one country to the next, you never know where you are staying next. And because long term travel requires careful budgeting, staying in nice hotels is not always an option.

Therefore, when you’re staying at hostels, you don’t always have the best place to sleep.

After returning back to Canada, all I wanted to do was stay in and sleep a lot. Sleeping in your own bed is one of the best feeling in the world. And that was definitely something I took for granted at home.


Speaking of hostels, the one thing I didn’t like them about is staying in dorm rooms. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret staying in dorms because I made so many friends. But, I definitely do not miss the lack of privacy while travelling.

The best hostels often have curtains to add a little bit of privacy when you went to bed. And that’s one thing I really took for granted at home is having my own place that I don’t have to share with strangers.

Of course, you can stay in hostels that have private rooms which makes things a lot better. But if you’re travelling long term, then it’s probably not going to fit in your budget. So unless you’re travelling in Southeast Asia where private rooms in hostels are cheap, then get ready to have little privacy during your journey.

Letting your guard down completely

I hated this so much. While travelling to many countries, I was always paranoid someone was going to steal my stuff. Tons of places all over the world is famous for having lots of theft. This is especially true for many countries in Europe, South America, and Asia.

Here in Canada, I lost my cell phone once in a bus and someone returned it to me. You don’t get that kind of safety in other countries. So I definitely took that for granted at home when I was travelling.

Being able to walk around and not have to wear a freaking money belt and just zone out is a great feeling and I treasure it greatly while being at home here in Vancouver, Canada.


I think having a feeling of loss of deprivation is a good reminder that you have it good where you live. Simple things like being able to go out and not worry about my safety is a great feeling. Having comfort and privacy is amazing; not to mention having access to a variety of delicious food at any given time.

Travelling is one of the best teachers in life; whether you want to learn more about gratitude or your identity. So I highly encourage everyone to travel long term. You’ll feel a bit deprived, and miss your nice comfortable home. At the same time, you get to explore the world and learn more about all the amazing places and more importantly, about yourself. So don’t miss the chance of travelling long term around the world. Your older and wiser self will thank you for it.

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3 thoughts on “What I Realized I Took For Granted At Home During My 380 Days of Travel Around The World”

  1. I find it quite shocking that out of all the things on this list your family and friends isn’t on it..at..all..

    Sounds like the chronicles of a lonely or selfish existence, enjoy your blog never the less.

    1. lol, thank you for that comment, Ron.

      My sister’s and girlfriend flew out to see me and I kept in constant contact with them while I was travelling so I never felt that we were far away from each other.

      At the time I was travelling, my friends and myself were doing our own thing and we were not in constant contact at all even prior to travelling. However, upon coming back, we all came in contact again and started hanging out again on a regular basis.

      So yes, I did not miss my family and friends that much when I travelled but I was sure happy to see them when I came back to Canada!

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