Why You Should Stay In A Hotel Instead Of A Hostel

In the previous article, I said it’s better to stay in a hostel instead of a hotel. Now I’m saying it’s better to stay in a hotel instead of a hostel. So what’s going on here? To be honest, it’s really dependent on your situation. It’s not one method fits all and there are times when it’s better to stay in a hostel and there are times when it’s better to stay in a hotel.

In this latest article, you will learn when it’s better to stay in a hotel instead of a hostel so that moving forward, you can make a better decision on which type of accommodation to book for your upcoming trip.


hotel instead of a hostel


Why you should stay in a hotel instead of a hostel

Reason #1 You might already be travelling with people you know and have no intention of meeting new people

If your sole purpose of travelling is to mainly travel with friends and family members and you have no desire to meet new people, then staying in a hotel is perfectly fine. I’ve done this many times and I do think it’s a pleasant experience. I think staying in a hostel is better for individuals who are travelling solo or as couples and friends who are travelling long term.

If you’re just going on vacation, then you don’t need to stay in hostels at all (though, I personally still stay in a few hostels when I do go on vacations).

Reason #2 You just finished a big hike or trek and want to treat yourself to a nice place to stay afterwards

One of the best experiences in life is to go on a big hike or trek where you are absolutely filthy and beaten up. Afterwards, you stay in a really nice hotel and get pampered with a nice shower in a luxurious washroom. Then, you go to sleep in a huge bed wrapped in a very comfortable blanket and feel yourself melt in the bed from the sheer comfort and exhaustion.

The next day, you eat the buffet breakfast then go back to your hotel room and veg out for the next 2-3 days.

Reason #3 You just need a convenient place to stay near the airport

Sometimes, you’re just transiting in a city and have an overnight layover. You don’t need to go to a hostel and meet people in that case. Just find an affordable airport hotel and stay there overnight to get you ready for your flight the next day.

Reason #4 It’s cheaper to stay in a hotel than a hostel

Sometimes when travelling long term, you start desiring some privacy. And once in awhile you get really lucky and find a hotel that’s actually cheaper or cost similar to the hostels you are staying at. This is the perfect chance to stay in a nice hotel to get some badly needed rest and privacy before continuing on your adventure.

The best time to snag these cheap hotels is often during off season. This is one of the biggest benefit of travelling during off-season is the significantly cheaper cost of hotels.

Reason #5 You need access to high speed internet

Sometimes, one of the biggest problems with staying in a hostel is all the backpackers are overusing the internet. As a result, the internet starts slowing down greatly which is very annoying.

Many times, after going to an awesome place, you want to back up your pictures and videos right away. And backing them up requires you to upload them on Dropbox or Google Drive. This means you need fast and reliable internet. Sadly, the internet in hostels are often times, not the type that will give you this reliability on a consistent basis.

This is the perfect time to stay in a hotel to use that fast internet so you can use the internet to back up your files or contact your friends and family while you are in the middle of your trip.


There’s always times when staying in a hotel instead of a hostel is a much better idea. And the opposite is also true where staying in a hostel is better than staying in a hotel.

It all depends on the many factors we covered in this last two articles. So based your decision on your current circumstance and proceed from there.

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