The Different Types of Digital Nomads

Do you have any aspiration to be a digital nomad? If so, in this article, I will cover the three different types of digital nomads so you can make a better decision when it comes to pulling the trigger to live this lifestyle.

Before I go into the three different types of digital nomads, let me explain what a digital nomad is first. A digital nomad is someone that doesn’t have a permanent home. They move from one place to the next and earn a living by working online. They either have their own online business, do freelancing work or have a remote working arrangement for a company. Digital nomads are free spirited adventurers at heart and the idea of being tied down is not for them. At least, not at the moment.

If this description resonates with you, chances are, there’s a part of you that wants to be a digital nomad. However, which kind of digital nomad would you like to be?

The different types of Digital Nomads

Full time digital nomads

Full time digital nomads wants to have the freedom to move from one place to the next for the rest of their life. They have no plans of settling down in one place.

They are forever on the move and that’s the way they like it.

As far a career goes, everything they do is online. They either have an online business or they do freelancer work. Most likely, they don’t like working for another company either. Being locked in by an entity scares these individuals and they want to feel free and in control of their lives forever.

Part time digital nomads

Part time digital nomads are the type of digital nomads that only wants to do it for part of the year. Perhaps for half the year, they preferred to be rooted in one place. For the other half, they want to bounce from one place to the next.

They are either online entrepreneurs, freelancers, or they might have a remote working arrangement such as being a professor teaching a course online for a college or university.

Digital nomad for a portion of your life

For some people, the digital nomad lifestyle is very attractive. However, they don’t want to do it for the rest of their lives. At some point, they want to settle down, have kids, and be rooted in one place.

But, they do want a portion of their life to be lived as a digital nomad just for the experience. It’s something that is important for them to achieve before they settle down and have a family.

Many famous travel bloggers like Expert Vegabond or Nomadic Matt are long term digital nomads that are now rooted in their home country of the USA. They don’t regret their digital nomad lifestyle at all and did it for over 8 years before finally settling down.

At the end of the day, it’s just one of those things you want to get out of your system before moving to the next phase of your life. Notice I didn’t use the next stage in your life. That’s because for a lot of people, this is the end stage and that is perfectly fine also!

Which one do I want to be and which one do you want to be?

If I was being 100% honest, I want to be a part-time digital nomad for the rest of my life. However, I have a girlfriend of six years and I know she wants to be rooted come time we have a family and kids.

So what’s the next best thing I can do in this situation?

Realistically, I can still be a digital nomad for a portion of my life. From the day I set off to travel long term again, up until my girlfriend and myself tie the knot in the future and have kids. I can foresee us living as a digital nomad until our kids are four years old, then afterwards, we’d probably root ourselves somewhere.

Is that the ideal situation for me? Not really, but I don’t mind. Having a big chunk of my life dedicated to the digital nomad lifestyle is still something I can achieve so I’ll take that as a consolation prize.

Which type of digital nomad do you want to be and why?

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