5 Dangerous Countries That You Can Visit Safely (Or At Least Safer)

If you’re the type of person that gets a thrill from visiting dangerous countries or someone that is collecting countries, then you’ll definitely want to figure out how you can visit those dangerous countries without getting hurt!

In this article, I will talk about some countries where I found a safe patch that you can visit relatively safely if your goal is to tick off these places in your bucket list.

The 7 dangerous countries and how you can visit them safely (or safer)

1 – Venezuela

Venezuela is undergoing a “civil war” right now. Two political sides Maduro and Guiado is fighting for control of the once prosperous nation of Venezuela. Unfortunately, the “bad guys” are winning right now as Maduro remains in power and the rest of the country suffers.

Venezuela is a stunningly beautiful country with a lot of amazing things to see. I’ve personally travelled here not too long ago and I wish I was able to do it independently because I really want to take my time to really explore and get to know the country.

Alas, the Venezuela is not safe to travel alone at the moment except for one small pocket. And that pocket is in Santa Elena de Uairen. This city borders Brazil and is relatively safe. I was able to walk around town by myself without anyone bothering me. This city is the home base if you want to trek up Mount Roraima (highly recommended!).

If you want to venture deeper in Venezuela to see Angel Falls, then you’ll have to join a tour because that is the only way to stay safe here if you don’t look and speak like a Venezuelan.



2 – Somalia

If you saw the movie “Captain Philips”, you would be scared to go to Somalia. The country is lawless and there are a lot bad stuff that happens there on a regular basis like kidnappings and murder.

But, within the country lies an autonomous region called Somaliland. The Somaliland region is seperate from the rest of Somalia and even has their own government. Because this region is not recognized as its own country, going there still counts as Somalia. And as of now, it is quite safe for tourist to visit (which is my plan when I go to Somalia myself).


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3 – Iraq 

Iraq has been a troubled area ever since Saddam Hussein was ousted as the country’s dictator. The country has become a war zone with insurgents lurking all over the place. This country is definitely not the place to go if you value your safety.

However, within Iraq is a city called Erbil which is the capital city of Kurdistan. This city is home to the Kurdistan people and is quite safe as a travel destination for tourist. My plan is to visit this city when I visit Iraq one day.



4 –  Yemen

Yemen is stuck in a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia and it’s not looking good for tourist to visit this country anytime soon. Except of course, the island of Socotra. While technically a part of Yemen, this island is safe from the war happening in the country right now. It is also a unique island because it is technically part of the African continent and is home to many endemic plant life.

Apparently, Socotra is the most alien looking place on Earth which has pique my interest and I definitely want to visit it someday.



5 – Democratic Republic of Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo is plagued with danger. There are tons of rebel militant groups that roam the country and chaos is everywhere. On top of the constant conflict, Ebola is also rampant in the country.

However, many tourist has been able to enter the country safely and do gorilla tracking and climb the active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo. How do they do that? By getting rangers of the national park to escort them the entire way.

Despite the recent kidnappings of British tourists back in Spring of 2018, the national park has beefed up their security which should keep tourist safe.

Is the country safe? No, it’s not super safe but it is “safer” than before if you visit the country through Virunga National Park. I plan on visiting this part of Congo in the nearby future as part of my next Aeroplan mini-RTW.


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When travelling to many destinations around the world, always keep in mind that bad things can happen to you at any place. This includes your home country. I have a friend who’s travelled to many dangerous countries and came back home only to be stabbed in Canada which is typically in the top 10 safest countries in the world.

The rule of thumb is to not let your guard down and be cautious when you travel. Do your research and find safe pockets to visit a specific country. Once you’ve determined the safe pockets, pull the trigger and visit that country that you really want to travel to!

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