Why Having A Drone Is Annoying For Around The World Travel

I wanted to up my video and photography game. So, during 2018’s Black Friday event, I went ahead and purchased a drone. Little did I know that having a drone is annoying for around the world travel. In this blog post, I will go into detail why trying to up your game with a flying camera can be a pain in the ass when travelling to different countries.

Why having a drone is annoying for around the world travel

Varying laws

Every country in the world has different rules when it comes to flying a drone. Some countries like the Philippines or Iceland are pretty relaxed with their drone laws. Most tourist has little problems flying their drones there.

However, there are countries like Morocco or Barbados where drones are banned. As a result, your drone will be confiscated when you enter those countries.

Then, you can have countries like Rwanda where drones are not banned but you need to have a local fill out the paper works for you to bring your drone in the country. So despite not being banned, you have to jump through lots of hoops just to fly your drone in Rwanda.

So as you can see, with varying laws when it comes to drones around the world, it gets rather complicated having a drone with you, especially when you’re travelling long term around the world.

Drone laws enforcement

To make things even more interesting, there are countries where drones are outright banned but don’t enforce this rule. Because of the lack of enforcement, tourists are still bringing in drones!

For example, I went to Madagascar back in December of 2018. I read online that drones are banned in Madagascar. I contacted the tour company I booked my trip with and they told me that tourist bring their drones all the time without a problem.

So I decided to bring mine too and despite being very paranoid, my drone did not get confiscated!

But this is a gamble and if you run into one official who’s very strict with drone laws. You can easily have your drone confiscated.

having a drone is annoying



Basically, the best course of action here is when you plan on travelling, you need to organize your route so that you only go to countries that allows you to bring a drone.

This is the single best way to avoid having your drone confiscated. You definitely don’t want your $1000+ drone getting taken away from you.

And while this is why having a drone is annoying for around the world travel, I think in this case, it’s best to follow the rules. There are still tons of countries where drone laws are flexible. In that case, you simply segment your around the world trip based on drone laws. What are your experience bringing drones when travelling long term?

Websites you can use to check drone laws

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