Solo Travel Vs Travelling With A Companion

Are you the type of person that has thought of travelling solo at some point in your life? Or is travelling with a companion your always go to way of travelling? Maybe you’re scared of the thought of being alone? And that you feel safer or more comfortable knowing that someone familiar is with you.

In this blog post, we will be discussing the pros and cons of solo travel and travelling with a companion. Hopefully, this helps you figure out what type of travelling suits you best.

Pros of solo travel

The obvious pro of solo travel is that you get to do whatever you want at anytime. You don’t have to wait for anyone to get ready or compromise on what activities to do.

Feel lazy and tired and don’t want to go to that museum? No problem, you can stay in your accommodation and chill out.

Want to spontaneously on a hike? No problem, you don’t have to deal with whining from your companions that the activity schedule has changed.

It’s also easier to make new friends when travelling solo because other travellers don’t feel intimidated teaming up with you if they are also alone.

Travelling solo makes you more mobile and you can act and make changes much quicker than if you were travelling with other people.

Finally, travelling solo gives you that important alone time to ruminate on your life and get some life changing insight than if you are constantly bombarded with propaganda from travel companions.


travelling with a companion


Cons of solo travel

In my opinion, one of the biggest cons of travelling solo is that there’s definitely safety in numbers. If you are in a sketchy train station, someone can help you keep an eye on your stuff and prevent theft.

You’re less likely to be approached for a robbery or be harassed by hoodlums in a different country.

You also won’t feel lonely as a result of travelling by yourself.

Worst of all, sometimes, you see a something so beautiful in another country, only to realize, you have no one to share it with. You go back home and you can’t talk about it with anyone because they weren’t there when you saw that thing. For example, I was glad I saw the Pyramids of Giza with my girlfriend Karen and my sister Eunice because we can now talk about how amazing that experience is for the three of us.

Pros of travelling with a companion

The biggest pros to travelling with a companion or companions is that you have people to share the experience with. You go back home and you have cool group photos of each other. You can also reminisce back to the time you travelled together and have discussions about the experience.

It’s also cheaper when you travel with other people because you can split the cost of your accommodation or car rental. Want to try local food at your destination? No problem, everyone can order something different and share the food. You can then sample more variety of food than if you’re travelling by yourself.


travelling with a companion


Cons of travelling with a companion

Sometimes, the people you travel with are so slow. They take forever to get ready and nothing moves efficiently.

Planning the actual trip is also a nightmare. Everyone has to be on the same page and schedule.

As the travel planner, you need to make sure everyone can get time off work. Then, you need to make sure everyone is okay with the itinerary and that everyone can also afford it.

Planning a trip with other people is such a pain sometimes, especially during the planning phase that travelling solo might be the better option.

Also, sometimes waiting for other people to travel with you means you’ll never go to that destination you really want to go to. People’s life priority changes all the time. And for some people, putting things off going on that dream bucket destination is not a problem. It can be really frustrating, especially if you are passionate about travelling and the people you want to travel with keeps putting it off!

Solo travel and travelling with a companion conclusion

In my opinion, the best travel style is actually a combination of both. For many people, there are things we like to do with others and things we like to do alone.

If I am seeing an awesome world wonder, then I prefer to travel with people because I want to share the experience with my friends and family.

But, if I am living as a digital nomad abroad, I think I prefer travelling alone because I want to be 100% focused on my goals and not have someone there distract me.

I also don’t like being hindered by other people if I want to travel fast so in that situation, solo travel is my preferred choice. But, if I am going on an adventure, then I certainly want to travel with other people! Finally, if my goal is relaxation, then I definitely want to travel by myself because I feel more relaxed when I am by myself.

So as you can see, there’s no one way of travelling. It really depends on you as a person and your travel preference.

But in my opinion, you should try doing both travel styles at some point in your life.

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