The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 9 – Adventurer

The Adventurer travel type is easily recognizable based on the type of travel they do. In this blog post, I will be talking about the type of destinations they like to visit and their personality traits.

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are Adventurer travellers like?

Adventurer travellers like to travel to places that are off the beaten path. They like some element of danger, excitement, and the unknown.

These travellers don’t mind getting beaten up to reach their destination. Therefore, travelling a bit rough doesn’t phase them out. In fact, they actually like it!

It’s not a good story to tell if you don’t encounter some obstacle, hardship, and difficulties. Instead of flying on a plane, they might just go overland and take local transportation. And if they go take a plane, they might ride one that’s a bit dated and sketchy looking.

Beginner adventurer travellers may start their travels by going on treks like Patagonia, Annapurna Circuit or the West Coast Trail. Travel to destinations they might choose to visit would be the Petra, the Pyramids of Giza or Angkor Wat.

More experienced adventurers may trek the Kalalau trail, Mount Roraima, or the Zion Narrows.  And travel to destinations like Angel Falls, Komodo Dragon Island, or the Avenue of the Baobabs.




Travel destinations that Adventurer travellers like to visit:

My opinion of Adventurer travellers

Because I am an Adventurer myself, I will be extremely biased. This is because I like adventure travel and have personally gone through tons of hardship as a result of my travel style.

When I meet fellow Adventurer, my eyes light up and I can’t wait to hear their story of visiting places that are not frequently visited by people.

When I hear about people’s overland travel through Africa, I have nothing but admiration for that brave person. I love adventure travel and I think it’s the very definition of travelling.

The point of travelling in my opinion is to see the world for what it truly is and doing it adventure style is the best way to get that authentic experience.

Tips for Adventure travellers

Adventurer travellers needs to stay in shape. Mainly because when they go trekking, they need to be physically fit to complete the task at hand.

They also need to slowly build up their adventure tolerance. Certain travel destinations are extremely rough (like the Middle East) and require more mental fortitude than travelling in Europe.

Try and learn a few phrases in foreign languages. Adventurer travellers will probably end up in a country that doesn’t speak English which makes things more challenging for you to navigate around the country.

Take lots of pictures because many of the adventurous travel destinations are definitely once in a lifetime. So it’s important to preserve that memory forever.

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