The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 8 – Partyer

In this latest 11 types of travellers I met series, you will learn about the partyer type of traveller.

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are Partyer travellers like?

The name says it all. Partyer travellers loves to party. As a matter of fact, the main purpose they travel is to go to party destinations. They love getting hammered, make loud noises, and possibly indulge in some drugs.

While most Partyer travellers are quite young, this traveller type is definitely not limited to just young people. I’ve met older people who are also Partyers and still love living that lifestyle.

They love going to travel destinations where partying is the thing to do. Places like Thailand where they can partake in the full moon party. Or Ibiza where tons of status seekers go and party it up.

Destinations that Partyer travellers like to go to

My opinion of Partyer travellers

I think they’re really annoying. I hate Partyer travellers. There I said it.

I remember when I was in Italy, I was staying in a hostel in Rimini because I wanted to do a day trip to San Marino.

My first night there was all good, I made some friends in the hostel and all was fun. The second night was a freaking nightmare. We had these three girls check in the hostel and they’re the Partyer type of traveller. At 3am, they open all the lights in the hostel and start throwing up all over the washroom.

To make it worst, they were shouting and making loud obnoxious noises. It’s got to be one of the worst nights of my life while staying in a hostel.

I’m not against partying, but people who over do it are freaking annoying.

Tips for travellers who prefer to avoid this travel style

Stay in hostels or accommodations that are more low key and quiet. Read tripadvisor reviews on your accommodation and if it has a lot of reviews, read them and see what people are raving about.

If people are raving about the bar, club, and partying experience, then that’s probably a party hostel/guest house. Avoid it at all cost!

Tips for Partyer travellers

If you like what you’re doing, keep doing it. Just because I don’t like your travel style doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have fun your way.

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3 thoughts on “The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 8 – Partyer”

  1. This is exasperating to read, who would go to Italy to stay in a hostel?
    Of course if you opt for accomodations like a hostel you must accept the conditions that comes with it, I personally would never recommend anyone staying at a hostel beyond the age of 25 for various reasons. You are so transparent with your ideas and memories truly love reading your blogs, thank you!

    1. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! A lot of people like staying in hostels over the age of 25, I know a lady that’s over 70 and still stays at hostels and loves it! I still like hostels, they’re a great place to meet friends from all over the world, just make sure you don’t stay at the party hostels!

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