The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 6 – Specials

Oh yes, the Specials, you’ve definitely met these type when travelling. You’ve also definitely met these type even when you’re not travelling. They’re easy to spot. Find out what these Specials are like when you come across them during your travels!

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are travellers that are Specials like?

The Specials have one motive in their life. It’s to be SPECIAL, UNIQUE, and DIFFERENT from other people. In a way, many female Specials are easier to spot than male specials because many of them (not all) tend to dye their hair pink, purple, blue or some other colours that really stands out.

The male Specials are a little harder to spot but if you come across one and talk to one, it’s very easy to recognize them. They’re either really feminine or they like talking about going to places that no one ever goes to.

The two types of Specials: Artsy vs Novelty Seekers


The Artsy Specials prefer travelling to destinations that has a lot of historical background.

They love art, architecture, and checking out quirky bars and restaurants. Many of them tend to have activity addicts as well. The only difference is when it comes to socializing. They’re uncomfortable being the same as everyone and would often try to say or do something that can clearly indicate that they are different and not like anyone else.

Some are more introverted and tend to retreat back in their mind. Others are attention seekers and act very dramatic if all eyes is not on them.

Novelty Seekers

Novelty seeking Specials are very different from their Artsy counterparts. These individuals LOVE going to countries that people almost never visit. They tie their identity to being that person who goes to places you’ve never heard of or are dangerous.

The ironic thing is when they go back home, they try and share their stories and often times, no one cares because they’re just not relatable. This bothers the novelty seeker Specials because they’re looking for some sort of validation or recognition that their life is really different and special compared to everyone else.

When they don’t get that validation, they’ll fly out again, go to more unique and different destination,. Many actually end up becoming country collectors. Sadly, many of them also end up coming back home feeling hopeless.




Some travel destinations that the artsy Specials likes to go to:

Some travel destinations that novelty seeking Specials likes to go to:

My opinion of Specials

In my opinion, the Specials I’ve met were either really annoying or really cool.

I remember going to India and met this one British guy who was clearly a Specials type of traveller and was bragging to people of all the unique and weird places he’s visited and how he’s travelling for so long. When I called him out on this, he was clearly unhappy but at the same time, he was listening to me with an intense focus. I came to realize that these individuals probably just grew up lacking a strong parental figure who pays attention to them and nurtures them while setting boundaries at the same time.

On the flip side of things, I’ve also met goal oriented Specials who travel to the craziest place in the world and have the most authentic adventurous travel experience. Honestly, those ones are really cool and I actually admire them a lot! In my eyes, they’ve really succeeded at being unique and different in a cool way!

Sadly, many of the Specials actually fail at being unique and different because they’re just doing what other people of their kind are also doing. But those goal oriented ones that are having authentic experiences for the sake of gaining life experience is a pleasure to be around and converse with.

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