The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 5 – Identity Seeker

The name of this traveller speaks for itself. If you’ve travelled extensively, chances are, you’ve come across a traveller that is an identity seeker. What are they like? Read on below to find out!

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are identity seeker travellers like?

When you meet an identity seeker, their travel style is obvious. They are travelling to find themselves. It is possible they are having an identity crisis or feel like they are losing themselves among the masses.

So, they get up and leave to travel around the world in search of their identity.

Will travelling around the world help an identity seeker find themselves?

The answer is both yes and no.


If you’re the type of individual that has a pretty good idea who you are and what your values are, then travelling around the world will help bring those out of you more. You’ll then have a clearer idea of who you are and what your values are. You’ll know what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy.

For example, I met a backpacker/fellow volunteer in Colombia while I was volunteering in Lake View Hostel in Guatape who was seeking herself. She left her corporate job because she felt that she was becoming something she was not. Upon travelling, despite being easily swayed by others, she still had that self-awareness to tell me who she was as a person and what her values was.

While she may never 100% embrace her identity. At the very least, she knows who she is and can go find it again if she just disconnects from the working world and go travelling.


Sadly, not everyone who travels around the world will find themselves. My sister has a friend that has repeatedly travelled around the world in search for her identity. Every time she returned back to Canada, she’ll claim she finally found out who she is!

Only a few months later, she’s lost again and starts taking on the identity of her tribe (friends, family, co-workers).


identity seeker, The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 5 – Identity Seeker


Will the identity seeker travellers ever find themselves?

The world we live in is not fair. And from my experience, not everyone gets to find themselves through travelling.

From my observation, you should already have a pretty good idea who you are before you travel; otherwise, you’re not going to find anything.

If your identity is covered by dirt, then taking time to travel long term will blow the dirt away and expose your true identity.

But for some people, they’ve packed their identity so deep underground (metaphorically speaking) of their subconscious that even long term travel cannot unearth their true self.

Their best bet is to talk to a therapist to help them unearth the identity that they have long buried underneath.

My recommended travel destinations for the identity seeker travellers:

To find your identity, you need to spend a lot of time being alone and reflect on your life. Determine the times when you were really happy and find out what you were doing (or not doing) during those moments. Long bus rides where you don’t listen to music and spend your time staring out the window is a good method to clear your mind off sensory stimulation and focus on your internal world to unearth bits of your identity.

Travel destinations that gives you the opportunity for long periods of solitude and deep thinking includes:

Making a positive difference in the world

identity seeker, The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 5 – Identity Seeker


Truthfully, not everyone is going to find their identity. However, there is one universal truth in the world and that is that it feels good to help another human being.

As a traveller, if you fail to find your identity, then you can travel to destinations where you can volunteer or help out and make an impact.

Continents like Africa offers plenty of opportunities to at least be grateful for what you have in your life. So even if you can’t find your identity, you can at least take on the identity of being a good person that’s helping make other people’s lives better.

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