The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 2 – Activity Addicts

Ah yes, the activity addicts. I’ve come across many of these type of travellers when I travelled around the world. Before I start giving out my opinion about these travellers, I’ll first explain what these travellers are like in the part 2 of the 11 types of travellers I met during my travels around the world.

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are activity addicts like?

If you haven’t guessed already, activity addicts loves doing activities. When they travel, all they want to do is go from one activity to the next. Their days are so jammed pack with so many activities, I feel exhausted just hearing about it.



Here’s an example of a daily itinerary activity addicts would engage in:

  1. Eat breakfast at a tripadvisor recommended restaurant
  2. Do a morning hike in the national park
  3. Eat lunch at another tripadvisor recommended restaurant
  4. Go kayaking on the lake in the afternoon
  5. Have a snack at a tripadvisor recommended food stall
  6. Check out the local museum
  7. Have dinner at a local restaurant recommended by many travel bloggers
  8. Go bar hopping trying different local beer
  9. Go to sleep really late and wake up early and repeat another day full of activities

Every time I travel with activity addicts, I am dead exhausted by the end of the day. What puzzles me is how they can wake up early the next day. They seem to be able to plow through a massive list of activities to do day in and day out for the entire duration of their trip.

You can argue that as a traveller, you need to max out your travel experience. Fair enough, but not everyone wants to spend every waking moment engaging in some sort of activities. That is just exhausting and it’s not for everyone.

My opinion of activity addicts

My cousin and his wife are activity addicts and I did enjoy my time spending an entire day doing tons of stuff with them. But, the main reason I had fun was because I enjoy spending time with my cousin and his wife, not because I care about the activities themselves.

Quite frankly, I hate having a jammed pack itinerary doing different activities.



I remember doing volunteer work in Guatape Colombia and one of my fellow volunteers was this French guy who kept criticizing me for barely doing any activities in the local area.

Uh…not everyone wants to do all that activities, dude. I like to enjoy nature, take pictures, and just chill out and talk to locals. The thought of going kayaking, then trying different restaurants, then go drinking doesn’t excite me at all.

Benefits of being an activity addict

Some of the obviously benefits of being an activity addict is maximizing your travel experience from an activities point of view.

During my 380 days of travel, I was working as a staff blog writer for The blog’s owner secured me a gig to write for an adventure tour company in Ecuador called EcuadorPurelife. We basically had a jammed pack itinerary every day going from one activity to the next. My girlfriend had a great time because we did so many things in such little time.

I was able to take lots of pictures and videos from all the activities we engaged in and I can honestly say it was worth it.

If you’re only on vacation for about one week, then joining a tour where you have tons of activities might be worth it.

Cons to being an activity addict

Being an activity addict can be very expensive, especially if you are travelling in pricier countries. Every activity that you do will typically cost you some money and it will certainly add up.

I didn’t pay for my tour with EcuadorPurelife but if I did, it would have cost me about $2000 USD for one week’s worth of activities.

Also, being an activity addict is exhausting and I don’t necessarily want to do every single activity in the area.

For me, I like to engage in certain must-do activities but I have no problem skipping the kind-of-nice to do activities if they’re not that special or unique.

Excellent travel destinations that activity addicts can check out (from my own experience)


Typically, I try and avoid with activity addicts. Engaging in so many activities does not make me happy at all. So unless that activity addict is a close friend or family member, you can be sure to count me out for this type of travelling!

If you are an activity addict, keep doing what you’re doing if it makes you happy. It’s important that you travel the way you like to travel. So you do you and I do me and we are all happy.

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