The 11 Types of Travellers I Met During My Travels Part 1 – Foodies

The more I travel around the world, the more I meet different types of travellers. I noticed everyone has their own agenda when it comes to travelling. For the record, I am totally cool at whatever your travel style is like. However, I do find it annoying when other travellers judge me for for not having the same travel style as them. Because everyone has a different travel style, I’m a big believer in the saying, “you do you and I do me”. Regardless, in this latest series, I will talk about the different types of travellers I encountered. We will start with the first one which are the foodies.

The 11 types of travellers I met during my travels:

What are the foodies like?

Foodies like to travel for the sake of trying different foods from different cultures. My girlfriend, for example, is a foodies type of traveller and it’s her primary goal to try local cuisines at all the destinations we visit.




When foodies plan travelling, they tend to check tripadvisor and see what are the best places to eat in each cities. They then try to hit each of the recommended restaurants or food stalls for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Outside of restaurants, they also love trying street food. One of the biggest things that makes foodies happy is to hop from one street food stall to the next trying out different cuisines that the local area has to offer.

Am I a foodies type of traveller?

I’m actually not a foodie type of traveller; however, when I travel with my girlfriend, sister or cousins who are all foodies, I always make sure we try tons of different local cuisines. I’ve had my share of exotic food from eating grasshoppers in Myanmar to eating wood worms in the Philippines.



Ironically, while I was travelling around the world, I actually did miss specific foods that we have here in Vancouver, Canada. Despite not being a foodie, I do like to eat the same kind of foods over and over again if I really like it.

Places in the world that is heaven for foodies

If you’re a foodie, some places in the world that I would recommend for you to visit would definitely be the following:




Those are some of the places I’ve been to where I can say, their food is really amazing. Malaysia was the biggest surprise to me. I was shocked how good the food is there and I would definitely return just to eat their local food.


I don’t mind travelling with foodies because they help me expand my horizon by trying local foods. If I am travelling by myself, I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to try local cuisine unless it was conveniently in front of me.

But, when I do try local foods and really like it, you can bet I will keep returning back to the same place and order the same thing.

So if you are a foodie traveller, I am definitely happy to travel with you!

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