7 Free Accommodations You Can Use While Travelling

Want to get free accommodations while travelling? It certainly is possible! In this article, we will cover 7 different ways you can get free accommodations while you travel around the world. I’d recommend you explore each option and see which one appeals to you best. Not everything in this list will resonate with you and that’s okay! At least you’ll get an idea what’s available out there.

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7 Free Accommodations 

#1 – Couchsurfing.org

Couchsurfing is a popular method of getting a free accommodation as long as you can find a local host. Most host won’t let you stay over if your profile is incomplete or if you don’t have enough testimonials.

If you’re planning on travelling long term, one good way to build up your account is befriend local couchsurfers and exchange testimonials.

Another good way is to go to countries that sees very little tourist. Often times, the local host is happy to get any foreign visitors to come stay over their place.

As the name implies, when you do couchsurfing, you’ll most likely end up sleeping in someone’s couch. However, during the few times I’ve tried couchsurfing, the only couches I’ve slept in has been a sofa bed. Usually, the host actually gives me a bed to sleep it which is very cool.

The one drawback to couchsurfing is you might need to spend time with your host in return for their hospitality. This is good if you get along with your host but not if you find them annoying.

If you’re a woman, then there’s also a chance that your male host might make unwanted advances towards you. So do make sure to read your potential hosts’ profile thoroughly before staying over at a random stranger’s place.

#2 – Warmshowers.org

free accommodationsWarmshowers was built for the cycling community. Basically, after a long bike ride between cities, you can find a warmshowers host that will allow you to take a shower in their place. Often times, the host will also provide you with a place to stay because they themselves are usually cyclist themselves.

I’ve never tried warmshowers before because I’ve never cycled long distance in my life. However, if you love cycling, then do give warmshowers a try and see if you like this method of getting free accommodations.

#3 – World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

Do you like farming or doing manual labour? If you do, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is one of the best options for you.

The host will give you three meals a day and a place to sleep in return for working in their farm. Typically, the host will require you to work for about 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week. You then get evenings and weekends off to go explore that city or country you’re in.

I will personally never do this. The thought of farming or doing manual labour sounds horrible to me. But I do know some people like doing this sort of stuff. If you’re one of those people, this is a great gig for you to get free accommodations as you travel.

You can also use WWOOF to build up your resume as a house sitter for even easier gigs with other organizations in the future.

#4 – Trusted House Sitters


Trusted House Sitters is one of the easier gigs you can do. Basically, you house sit someone’s house for them and take care of their pets. In return, you get the whole house to yourself. You’re required to do chores like keeping the house clean but besides that, you get free reign to do whatever you want as long as you don’t wreck anything.

This is a harder gig to get because home owners tend to select older folks to house sit for them. But, if you have a track record of being reliable from other house sitting gigs or from WWOOFing, then your chance of securing house sitting gigs goes up by a lot.

Definitely try out Trusted House Sitters because it’s one of the best free accommodations available during your travels.

#5 – House Carers


House Carers is pretty much the same as Trusted House Sitters. It’s just a different organization. But the idea is the same. Take care of someone’s house by keeping it clean and also take care of the owner’s pets. In return, you’ll be getting one of the easiest free accommodations out there.

#6 – Luxury House Sitting

free accommodations


Luxury House Sitting is the holy grail of free accommodations out there. It’s exactly like Trusted House Sitters or House Carers except for one difference. The homes you’re house sitting are stunning mansions or luxurious properties.

As you can guess, it’s hard to secure these gigs without a solid track record and resume. You’re best starting off with Trusted House Sitters or House Carers to build up your house sitting resume first before securing a Luxury House Sitting gig.

#7 – Home Exchange


The name is pretty straight forward at what you’ll get. If you are a home owner, you can swap with another home owner from another country or city. This is one of the easiest free accommodations you can secure out there if you are a home owner.

In a way, it’s easier to trust another home owner with your property because you’re both using each other’s home. If you don’t want anything bad to happen to your home, then you better not do anything bad to someone else’s house!


The 7 free accommodations I mentioned here aren’t the only free accommodation options out there. However, they certainly are the more popular ones that most world travellers are familiar with.

I’ve tried several free accommodations channel and I have my favourites. Most definitely, I’d like to try Trusted House Sitters, House Carers or Luxury House Sitting someday in the future.

As for working in farms? You can count me out.

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