The Starter’s Guide To Blog Monetization Part 4: Staff Writing

Staff writing is something that is near and dear to me. Between 2016 and 2017, I got a chance to travel around the world for 380 days (check out my ten top 10 series if you want to read a fun summary of it). Going on such a trip is definitely not cheap. Despite spending a year saving up for the journey, I don’t think I saved enough money. If I didn’t work as a blog staff writer for another blog, my trip would have ended after 11 months instead of 12.

Do I recommend being a staff writer for another blog? Read on and get the full detail on how it works then make your decision afterwards if it’s for you.

The five blog monetization models:

What is blog staff writing?



It’s exactly as it sounds. Blog staff writing is when you get paid to write for someone else’s blog. Why would you do this? If you’re someone that likes writing but don’t want to start your own blog, this is a perfect way for you to earn some income by writing for other people.

How much can you make?

According to, the median salary of staff writers is $25,000 CAD per year. Not a lot of money, yes, but on the positive note, you can work from anywhere assuming you have access to a laptop and internet.

How much I personally made

When I got my gig as a blog staff writer for, I signed an agreement where I would write for them for 18 months. My writing gig would start three months before I left to travel. I would then write for another 12 months during my travels, and then three months after I came back from my trip.

I earned $25 USD per article and I was allowed to write a maximum of six articles per month. In total, I made $150 USD per month or $1800 USD for 12 months. However, the owner of the blog was really cool and told me I can submit 2 months worth ($300 USD) of article when I returned back to Canada in advance during my last month of travelling.

This helped out tremendously because I ended up earning $2100 USD ($2,730 CAD) for the 12 months I travelled. While it’s not a huge amount of money, it was enough to allow me to travel just a bit longer.

Besides LivingtheDreamRTW, I also got one-off writing gigs where I made as much as $200 USD for one article.

How can you find staff writing gigs

In my opinion, the easiest way to secure staff writing gigs for other blogs is by joining organizations where bloggers congregate. I personally purchased an online course called “Travel Blog Success” and that’s where I met the owner of LivingTheDreamRTW. He was looking for someone that was travelling for one year to write for his blog. And I happen to be the only person that applied. Not many people take a year off to travel so I had the advantage in this scenario.

Ironically, the other gig where I made $200 in one article was also a part of the same group.

I’m not affiliated with Nomadic Matt but those who purchase his online course can also get access to his blogger community as well.

Other methods of securing staff writing gigs include freelancing on Fiverr, Upwork, and other freelancing websites.

Should you be a blog staff writer?

I think if you just want to write but don’t want the hassle of running a blog then yes, definitely be a blog staff writer.

However, I find that having your own blog is your best resume. If you’re really serious at being a writer and you want to write for big publications like National Geographic, then you probably want to have your own blog. This is one of the best way you impress big organizations. And those big organizations is where you can make big money.

I will personally never be a blog staff writer again because I prefer to work for myself. But, I can definitely see the perk of being a staff writer should your goal is to become a professional writer for the majority of your career.

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