United Island Hopper Spending Breakdown (Guam, Micronesia, Honolulu)

In this blog post, my main focus here is to show you roughly what the United Island Hopper spending breakdown looks like. This will give you an idea how much money to save up should you plan on undertaking this trip.

After finishing up my trip to Madagascar and Manila, we boarded United Airlines to go on the infamous United Island Hopper all the way to Honolulu.

The journey was an interested one as we got to visit many of the island nations in the Pacific. Visiting the ancient ruins of Nan Madol in Pohnpei was probably the highlight of the trip. But of course, we certainly enjoyed trying the different island nation cuisines along the way as well.

To be honest, even after utilizing many of the points and miles strategies we have available in Canada, it was still an expensive journey. We attribute this to the fact we travelled in the last week of December. Travelling during peak season made all the prices sky rocket and I now know to never do that ever again.


United Island Hopper Spending


Complete 5 Days United Island Hopper Spending Breakdown


  • Food – $13.33 CAD ($10.25 USD)
  • Guam Airport Hotel – $116.59 CAD ($83.25 USD)



  • Chuuk Departure Tax – $39 CAD ($30 USD)
  • High Tide Hotel (Chuuk) – $91 CAD ($70 USD)
  • Food – $10.01 CAD ($7.75 USD)


  • Pohnpei Departure Tax – $26 CAD ($20 USD)
  • Nan Madol tour – $65 CAD ($50 USD)
  • Nan Madol private property access fee – $10.40 CAD ($8 USD)
  • 7 Stars Inn – $129.68 CAD ($99.75 USD)
  • Food – $72.15 ($55.5 USD) (This is for Karen and myself when we ate two lunches, and breakfast)

Honolulu during peak season (last two weeks of December)

  • Pacific Marina Inn – $150 CAD for Pacific Marina Inn and the Airbnb below ($115 USD) (I paid $316.85 USD but I used my Cobalt points which still cost money but it offset the cost of the accommodation)
  • Airbnb – (It’s suppose to be $97.81 CAD but I used cobalt points to offset the cost)
  • Uber – $45.49 CAD ($34.99 USD)
  • Food – $14.22 CAD ($10.94 USD)

Grand total:

Total United Island Hopper spending: $782.87 CAD ($602.21 USD)

Average daily United Island Hopper spending: $156.57 CAD ($120.44 USD)

Points and Miles spent: 30,000 Alaska Miles + 53,125 AMEX Cobalt Points

The expenses you see above looks very intimidating. However, keep in mind that Karen and myself split the cost for the accommodations and Uber rides.

I think if you did this trip yourself, then the United Island Hopper spending breakdown outlined above is a good rough estimation on how much it will cost for you to complete this journey.

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