How To Get Star Alliance Gold Status In Just 3 Steps

Getting any sort of airline status is difficult these days. Usually, you have to do it the hard and expensive way which is the butt-on-seat method. Regardless, jump start methods on getting Star Alliance status do exist. For example, if you get Platinum Status with Marriott Hotel (may need Premier Platinum Status now), you’ll be eligible to get silver status with United Mileage Plus which is equivalent to Star Alliance silver. But, not many people will strive to get Platinum Status with Marriott Hotel. Thankfully, a new method has become available these days to jump start you in obtaining Star Alliance Gold.  Read ahead to learn more on how to do that.

How to get Star Alliance Gold Status in 3 steps video

How to get Star Alliance Gold Status in 3 steps

Step #1: Get the American Express Platinum card enroll to receive Jade status with Shangri La hotel’s Golden Circle membership program

Go to the American Express website after you’ve obtained your AMEX Platinum card. From there, find the section where you can enroll for the Shangri La hotel’s Golden Circle membership program.


Star Alliance Gold Status


You may need to go to Shangri La’s website and create an account first. After you’ve made an account, take your membership number and enter it when filling out the form where you can enroll for the Golden Circle Jade membership in the AMEX website.

Once you’ve received your Golden Circle Jade status (which may take some time), you’re now ready for step #2.

Step #2: Status match your Golden Circle Jade status to Kris Flyer’s Silver Status

Next, go to this link on the Shangri La’s Golden Circle website and enter your Kris Flyer number once you’ve obtained Jade Status.


Star Alliance Gold Status


Upon entering your KrisFlyer membership number, they should eventually give you Kris Flyer Silver Elite status. (Go to the Kris Flyer website and make an account if you don’t have one yet)

Step #3: Complete 3 flights with Singapore Airlines or Silk Air within 4 months of getting Kris Flyer’s Silver Status

Star Alliance Gold Status


After you’ve status matched your Golden Circle Jade Status with Singapore Airline’s Kris Flyer frequent flyer program, you’re now ready for the final step. As soon as you get approved for the status match, you’ll have four months to complete three flights with Singapore Airlines or Silk Air to complete the challenge.

Make sure you don’t do the status match unless you’re ready to do the challenge; otherwise, you’ll lose the opportunity to get your Kris Flyer Gold Elite Status.

Tips to completing the challenge

Some people say that three flight segments count towards the three flights. If you want to play it safe, just look for the cheapest and closest flight destination from Singapore which is probably to Kuala Lumpur.

Flights has to be paid, frequent flyer redemption won’t count towards this challenge.

As soon as you complete the challenge, you’re now eligible to get the Star Alliance Gold Status!

Status match to other airlines

An amazing perk to getting Kris Flyer Gold Elite status is you can status match this with other airlines. This means you can potentially get the equivalent of Gold Status with One World and SkyTeam. This is a great way to have Gold Status in an airline alliance for an indefinite amount of time as long as you continue status matching.

Enjoy your Star Alliance Gold status and its perks!

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