Travel And Live Free Interviews Prince Of Travel Ricky Zhang (VIDEO)

In this latest video, you’ll learn more from one of Canada’s top points and miles blogger, Ricky Zhang from You’ll learn his mindset on how to move up from being a beginner to an expert in the points and miles game.

He’ll also reveal some strategies that you may not have heard of such as booking your points to save a ton of money when taking the Trans-Siberian rail.

Interview video of Ricky Zhang from the Prince of Travel


Topics that Ricky Zhang covers are:

  • Mistakes that he made during his early days in the points and miles game.
  • How to move from beginner to intermediate to advanced to expert.
  • Strategies that you need to start looking into to improve your points and miles game.
  • Credit cards he would recommend to beginners.
  • How to meet minimum spend requirements.
  • Why your credit score can be positively affected despite having a lot of credit cards.
  • How to strategically spend your money to earn the most points.
  • And many more!

If you’re curious to learn more about the strategies Ricky Zhang covered in this interview, you can read some the strategies from the blog post I wrote before. Check it out below:

Episode 1?

I’m kind of playing it by ear right now but if people find this interview helpful, I will interview more experts in each field moving forward. My goal is to be able to provide you with information and insights from experts on the following topics:

  • How to maximize your savings when you travel through points and miles as a Canadian
  • How to travel long term around the world as a Canadian
  • and finally…how to earn income online as a Canadian

Comments, suggestions, or questions? Your feedback is important so I can provide you with more content that will help you travel more often. And of course, to get that freedom to travel the world as much as you want and live the life that you’ve always wanted to live.

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