If you’ve followed Ricky Zhang’s blog – Prince of Travel, you’ll know he’s coming to Vancouver soon to do a meetup at the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre Hotel in downtown Vancouver on Saturday, November 3, 2018, from 5-7pm.

Disclaimer: I am not getting any commission or incentive from Prince of Travel for writing this post. The reason why I’m writing about Ricky’s meetup is because we are doing a collaboration when he arrives in Vancouver which I’ll be posting soon on my YouTube channel soon. I also think his meetup is worth attending and is well worth the price of admission.

Why should you attend the Prince of Travel meetup

If you’ve ever attended the annual Canadian event called PointsU, you’ll know that the biggest benefit to the event is networking with fellow points and miles enthusiast. Typically, you can learn things from fellow attendees that you won’t learn anywhere online.

Many people are more than happy to share with you their secret strategies as long as you keep it confidential.

Ricky’s meetup in Vancouver goes straight to the meat of things where people will network and share strategies. This gives you an opportunity to learn some great points and miles opportunities in our home town of Vancouver.

This is especially beneficial to you if you can’t afford the $200+ price tag for attending PointsU. Not to mention the associated cost of flying and booking your accommodation.

How much does the Prince of Travel meetup cost?

The price for attending his meetup is $29. However, as a reader of the Travel and Live Free blog, he provided me with a $5 off coupon code that is only available for the first 15 people that use it. The coupon code is: TRAVELANDLIVEFREE

You can sign up for the meetup here.

Again, I am not earning any commission or financial kick back from Ricky for providing this code. As a matter of fact, I’m also using the code above to purchase a ticket for myself so please leave me one so I can also get a discount.

Recapping benefits to attending the Prince of Travel meetup

  • Learn the coveted Manufactured Spending techniques from fellow points and miles enthusiast
  • Build a network with like-minded individuals and double or triple the amount of points and miles you earn every year
  • Meet Ricky Zhang – take a selfie with him
  • Save $5 by using the coupon code: TRAVELANDLIVEFREE

If you plan on attending, I’ll see you there!

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