Meetup – How To Travel To Iran As A Canadian By Catherine Driver

Would you like to travel to Iran? Catherine Driver travelled to Iran a few years ago and will be doing a presentation on how to travel there.

Catherine Driver

Catherine Driver

Catherine Driver


Catherine Driver

Bio of Catherine Driver:

“Just like everyone in this group, travel is an obsession of mine. I lived in London, England, which allowed me to travel throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and the UK is still somewhere I go back to often because it feels like home to me. I have also travelled around Italy, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Iran, usually choosing to focus on one country per year. Last summer, I took a three-month leave from work to walk the Camino de Santiago, take Turkish lessons in Istanbul and visit England. This year was just a quickie back to England, due to a shortage of funds, but some future dream trips are India, Israel/Palestine/Jordan/Lebanon, the Stans and Georgia/Armenia. Better win that lotto!”


Catherine Driver


Talk description by Catherine Driver:

“Why did you go to Iran?” Is something everyone asks me. My answer is that I went there for a holiday. That statement is usually followed up by, “you went there on HOLIDAY?” then followed by, “wasn’t that dangerous?” Iran has always been of interest to me from my studies in Art History, and my love for Turkey fuelled an interest in taking the next step into exploring the Islamic world. At the end of 2015, when my Turkish tour guide friend sent out an email that he was organizing a tour of Iran, I gasped and signed up immediately! Iran is an enchanting country in every way, from the historic sights to the wonderful food, the chaotic traffic and the local bazaars. Most importantly, the kindness and generosity of the people is something unlike anything else I’ve experienced while travelling. This was most certainly a trip of a lifetime and a privilege to be able to discover this wonderful country.

Catherine Driver


Click the link below to RSVP if you plan on attending. Seats are limited so grab your spot now! Please come on time in respect to the speaker and fellow meetup members. See you all there!


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