365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270 – June Income Report

In this latest article on 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270, you’ll see my progress report towards making online income in June 2018.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270 June income report

June gross income

  • Udemy passive income – $33.13 ($25.88 USD)
  • Teachable courses – $27.38 CAD ($21.39 USD)

Total may gross income: $60.51

June expenses

  • Teachable e-learning platform subscription – $53.05 ($39 USD)
  • Fiverr – $23.31 ($17 USD)

Total may expenses: $76.36

June net loss

  • -$15.85

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270 progress report

The month of June was particularly hectic because I am preparing to move to a new place to live in. As a result, my productivity towards building my online business has suffered a little bit.

Regardless, I was able to complete my Teachable course on Canadian travel. Thanks to completing the course, a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Now, I can focus on completing my Canadian Long Term travel course then start doing a massive YouTube campaign starting in July.


Besides planning to move to a new place, another major obstacle for me in July is my social life. A friend of mine from out of town came back for a week for our childhood friend’s wedding. As a result, I put my online business on hold and just spent time catching up with my friends.

I also started picking up more shifts where I work as I plan on putting my online business on part-time mode and focus on earning money to pay off my debts.

I predict that July and August will be tough in regards to my energy levels as I start working full-time again and spending my leftover time working part-time on my online business.

Take away from 365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270

The biggest takeaway from 365 days to online passive income videos 241-270 is that I find it quicker to make tutorial videos if I do them live. It also helps if I have an external mic I can use for my camera.

My solution is to then do more live events that I will film and package together to create my online courses. I will also invest money in a new camera and attach an external mic onto it to make filming easier and less tedious.

365 Days to Online Passive Income Videos 241-270


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